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17 Eco Friendly Baby Shower Gifts | Eco Friendly New Baby Gifts

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In 2022, I’ve been going to a LOT of baby showers! For this reason, I’m sharing 17 eco-friendly baby shower gifts that I’ve found. As a blogger, I know if I’m doing a lot of research on a specific topic, then I should probably share that information with my readers!

Eco-friendly baby shower gifts have come a long way, especially in the past few years. As we’ve all learned about the importance of sustainably made goods in our homes, we’ve really seen the need for eco-friendly gifts that avoid harmful chemicals. (Especially those being used by babies and kids!)

This post is all about eco-friendly baby shower gifts.

Hello, I’m Leslie

My name is Leslie, and I’m the founder of PunkMed! On my blog, I and my team share my info, experiences, and recommendations in the area of sustainability, urban homesteading, and outdoor living. Our goal is to make it less overwhelming for you to live a fun and sustainable life!

In today’s post, I’m sharing eco-friendly baby shower gifts. Shopping for a new baby can be a bit overwhelming, and I hope that my guide helps you choose a thoughtful and fun gift both baby and caregivers will love. To be 100% upfront, I have not purchased all of the gifts on this list – that would be a LOT of baby showers! Instead, I’ve curated a guide full of thoughtful and eco-friendly baby shower gifts.

Let’s get into it!

Hi, I’m Leslie (she/her), I hope you find the best eco-friendly baby shower gift for your needs in this post.

Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts

Below, I have shared 17 eco-friendly baby shower gift ideas for you. For each sustainable gift, I have noted specific information on what materials or practices make the gift better for the environment – and for baby! 

When shopping for a baby shower gift, I make sure to get something from the registry, and I like to get a second helpful or fun item I find! That way, I have fun giving a gift and the new parent(s) also cross something off of their list!

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#1 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift – Organic Cotton Baby Onesies

If you’ve ever taken care of a baby, then you know that those cuties often have to change multiple times a day, due to accidents and spills.

Because of this, I love to gift new parents and caregivers a set of baby onesies made out of organic cotton. A baby can easily go through 3-5 onesies in a single day, and a frazzled new parent often forgets to do laundry.

Snag this practical and eco-friendly baby shower gift here!

#2 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift – Reversible Playmat

We all know that it’s important for a baby to explore and play! After all, play is what helps to build a baby’s cognitive skills and meet key developmental markers.

But, we also don’t want baby to play on surfaces that are loaded up with not-so-great chemicals and harmful plastics. While we can’t protect baby from everything, we can gift a playmat that is made out of BPA-free foam, and also avoids other harmful chemicals found in latex and PVC!

I also love that the wander + roam playmats come in a variety of patterns, perfect for maximalists and minimalists.

Shop this eco-friendly baby shower gift here!

#3 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Idea – Fabric Book

Every parent and caregiver looks forward to story time, and we know that reading books to babies is very important for their development!

Fabric books can be great eco-friendly baby shower gifts, as they can be easily washed when there are spills or accidents. Plus, these fabric books act as tactile stimulation for baby, helping them to explore the world around them through touch!

After searching online for fun fabric books, I found Mr. Ellie Pooh on Etsy. This brand has over 3,000 sales on Etsy with a variety of fabric books, made with 100% organic cotton and 100% organic cotton polyfill. This is a relief, since we know how often these books go in baby’s mouth!

Get this eco-friendly baby gift here!

#4 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower GiftThe Honest Company Baby Arrival Gift Set 

This guide to eco-friendly baby shower gifts wouldn’t be complete with including The Honest Company. Founded by Jessica Alba, this company is dedicated to offering more eco-friendly options for parents and babies. 

One of my good friends raves about how much she loves the lavender shampii from The Honest Company, and they have it in this gift set, which perfect for a baby shower!

Snag this eco-friendly baby shower gift here.

#5 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift – Teething Rings

When buying things for a baby shower, I like to sometimes include an item in a gift basket for baby to use down the road. Many a parent and caregiver have realized all of their gifts are great for a newborn baby, and then they don’t have needed items for when baby is 3-6 months old.

Specifically, the need for teething rings!

Because baby is going to be putting a teething ring in their mouths, and, well, gnawing on them, it’s critical that they have an eco-friendly teething ring! After doing some research, I found these teething rings from Promise Babe Store that use 100% food safe silicone and BPA-free materials.

Get this thoughtful and eco-friendly baby shower gift here.

#6 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Idea – Organic Baby Headbands

Okay, so this gift isn’t a fit for all families and babies, but if you’re attending a baby shower where the expecting-parent-to-be loves bows, then these baby headbands made out of organic cotton are sure to be a hit.

I’d recommend staying away from typically gendered colors like blue and pink, and go with a color that the expecting-parent-to-be loves! (Is there a theme to the baby shower you can maybe match with the bow?)

Purchase this fun and eco-friendly baby gift here!

#7 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift – BPA-Free Baby Bottles

We know it’s important to wash baby bottles with hot water and soap, in order to keep baby healthy. But, some baby bottles are made with materials that include BPA plastics, a material that has been found to be harmful.

Because of this I would snag BPA-Free bottles as a baby shower gift, but only if the new parent(s) has put baby bottles on their list! There are many ways to feed a new baby, and we don’t want to presume! 

Get this functional and eco-friendly baby gift here.

#8 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Idea – Diaper Cake

If you want to go ALL OUT for a baby shower gift, then you have to snag this Diaper Cake from The Honest Company. This is a gift that is fun to give, as well as to receive!

Each large Diaper Cake comes with:

  • Honest Diapers 
  • Bubble Bath 
  • Shampoo + Body Wash 
  • Face + Body Lotion 
  • Organic All-Purpose Balm
  • Honest Wipes 
  • Hypoallergenic Baby Laundry Detergent

This is an incredibly thoughtful gift, and I can see a godparent, auntie or other close friend getting this baby shower gift! 

#9 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift – Organic Cotton Crib Sheet

Sometimes for a baby shower, a group of friends will go in on a large gift together, for example, a baby’s crib!

If you plan on doing this with your squad, I recommend snagging the crib that’s on the parent-to-be’s baby wishlist, and snag a fun organic cotton crib sheet to go with it! Many a parent and caregiver have realized that they have all the baby furniture they could need–but they forgot about linens for baby!

I think this jungle print crib sheet made out of 100% organic cotton is so cute!

Get this eco-friendly and fun baby shower gift here.

#10 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift – Baby Wipes

A new baby is going to go through a LOT of wipes, and some wipes on the market contain chemicals that can irritate a baby’s skin.

From my research, Caboo Baby Wipes seem to be a popular solution, and I love that the box has a handy handle on it! This makes it much easier to pack for a family outing or trip.

Grab this eco-friendly baby shower gift here!

#11 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Idea – Doula Contribution

This isn’t a fit for every baby shower, but many of the people I know are working with a birth doula to welcome their new baby to their home.

A doula can help a new family adjust to the care of a little one, as well as helping the parent who gave birth recover.

A doula is an investment in the long term health and sustainability of a family unit, so it may be appropriate to get a lovely eco-friendly card with a check inside to help cover the cost of a doula.

See eco-friendly new baby cards here!

#12 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift – Organic Cotton Robe for Pregnant Person

In 2024, we’ve become more aware of the challenges that come after giving birth. From talking with friends who have given birth, it can often feel like well-meaning family and friends are obsessed with the care of the new baby–but don’t think about the person who just gave birth.

For this reason, it can be an incredibly thoughtful gift to give the expecting person a soft and 100% cotton robe, to wear during recovery and for nighttime feedings. I like to get a 100% cotton robe monogrammed, to add a special touch.

Order this eco-friendly baby shower gift here.

#13 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Idea – Personalized Rainbow Abacus

As baby grows, they’ll eventually be able to play on their stomach! A baby abacus can provide stimulation and inspiration for baby to begin crawling, and these personalized rainbow abacuses from Ev And Potique are made with “non-toxic wood and paints.”

Snag this eco-friendly baby shower product here!

#14 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift – Handmade Soft Toys

I just had to include this handmade soft toy from Mr. Ellie Pooh! Finding sustainably and ethically made stuffed toys can be a challenge, and these are just too fun!

Check out all eco-friendly toys here.

#15 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift – Convertible Crib

Ok, so this next baby shower gift is only something I would grab if the new caregivers and parent(s) are up for it! A convertible crib can be an incredibly eco-friendly choice, as they can be modified as a baby grows up–cutting down on furniture manufacturing and waste!

Because a crib is such a personal choice for an expecting family, I would recommend reaching out and asking if they’d thought of a convertible crib!

You can explore different convertible cribs here!

#16 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift – Organic Cotton Burp Cloths

While I love shopping for baby toys and fun items, another part of me knows how important and cherished functional new baby gifts are!

New parents are going to go through a LOT of burp cloths in a day, and burp cloths can be a lifesaver. 

These organic cotton burp cloths are perfect for a minimalist, and I love the muted tones they come in!

Snag this practical and thoughtful new baby gift here!

#17 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Idea – Organic Sunscreen

Baby needs sunscreen, too! Because a baby’s skin can be so sensitive, it’s important to find the right sunscreen.

Researching baby sunscreens was a bit difficult, but then I found ThinkBaby! This brand was “the first sunscreen to pass Whole Foods Premium Care requirements, Thinkbaby vegan, Leaping Bunny certified sun creams contain no PABA, parabens, phthalates, BPA, oxybenzone, avobenzone, petroleum, gluten, dairy, or toxic chemicals.”

Check out ThinkBaby sunscreen here!

This blog post was all about eco-friendly baby shower gifts.

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