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37 GENIUS DIY Halloween Costumes You’ll Love in 2023! | My ULTIMATE Guide!

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Happy Halloween, friends! Today on my blog, I’m SO excited to share 22 GENIUS DIY Halloween costumes for you and your family in 2023! In this post, I share some fun DIY Halloween costumes for families, couples and folks who are just trying to make a costume for themselves!

This blog post is all about DIY Halloween costumes.

DIY Halloween Costumes – I’m an EXPERT!

When it comes to putting together DIY Halloween costumes, I’m an expert! As a sustainability and ethical fashion blogger who LOVES to DIY my costumes using thrift stores and my existing closet, I have a ton of experience putting together fun and easy DIY Halloween costumes.

From my experience, here are are 3 of my BEST tips:

  • Tip #1: Make a brain dump or list of your favorite artists and costumes! Then, go through your close and see what you have that might work! You can also take this list to the thrift store!
  • Tip #2: You’re going to (probably) have to buy something! While i would love to say you can 100% thrift your DIY Halloween costume, I don’t think that’s always doable. Instead, I aim to use clothing for my costumes I know I’ll use again! The, I purchase costume accessories.
  • Tip #3: Check your local Buy Nothing Facebook Group as well for costume ideas! Don’t be afraid to post and share what accessories you’re looking for!
DIY Halloween Costume
Hi, I’m Leslie, the founder of PunkMed! I’m excited to share a bunch of really fun DIY Halloween costumes with you today!

I hope you will thrift or borrow as many costume pieces that you can! I have linked products just in case you get stuck.

You ready to see some awesome DIY Halloween costume ideas? Let’s get to it!

#1: DIY Halloween Costumes: Laura Dern from Jurassic Park

This DIY Halloween costume is so fun, as Laura Dern is ICONIC! I think it would be pretty easy to thrift this costume! @.Tevyyy looks so good!

What I Think You’ll Need:

#2: Easy Character Costumers: Bob’s Burger Couple

My first DIY Halloween costume idea comes from Kortney and her family How fun is this costume idea, featuring our favorite cartoon mom and dad, Tina and Bob?

I love how @.iamkortneyy made her own spice bralette (so fun), and cloth hamburger!

Here’s where to source some of these costume pieces if you can’t find them in your home or at your local thrift shop:



#3: Last-Minute Costume Ideas: Karen Costume

Ok, I have to admit: When I saw this easy DIY Halloween costume, I literally laughed out loud! @.Kellyscasa killed it with this easy and funny DIY Halloween costume!

Your List:

#4: DIY Halloween Costumes: Olivia Rodrigo “Sour” Album Cover

This Halloween costume idea is me–no regrets! I thrifted a pink cami and rented a plaid miniskirt to recreate Olivia Rodrigo’s iconic album cover. If you can recreate the outfit, all you’ll need to buy are the stickers!

What to Buy:

#5: DIY Halloween Costumes: Disney Pixar Up Family Halloween Costume Idea

I cannot get over how cute this family costume is! This is a great costume if you’re swimming in paper and card board, and have the patience to make magic happen! @.KatieMcPhedran and her family really made a delightful and fun DIY group costume!

I think that the suit for Carl (our favorite grumpy old guy!) should be pretty easy to thrift!

Here are some of other costume components you may need:

#6: Last-Minute Homemade Costume Ideas: Scarecrow BFF

How fun are these two!?!?! A scarecrow costume can be super easy to do, especially if you’re hitting up thrift stores! @.alohamrsalba did a great job with her bestie costume here!

Here’s What to Get:

#7: DIY Halloween Costumes: Bob Ross & Painting Couples Costume Idea

I think that this next DIY Halloween Costume idea is SO creative! Here, we have Bob Ross and his painting. Look at those happy little trees! This Halloween costume idea from @.lovetdonovanteam is so creative and pretty easy to put together!

If you or your partner isn’t a fan of putting a painting on their head, this painting dress is also fun!

How to put this DIY costume together:

#8: Halloween Costume Ideas: Loofah BFF Halloween Costume

This DIY Halloween costume from @.ashbeck26 is a PERFECT BFF Halloween costume. I love how they styled their “loofah’s” with white boots!

This would be a great costume for sewists who have a lot of tulle! If you create your costume with stitches (tacking fabric together) you can reuse the tulle for another costume or sewing project!

What I Think You’ll Need:

#9: DIY Halloween Costumes: DIY Willy Wonka Costume

I think this next costume is so fun and creative — and I bet you could thrift almost every piece of this fun costume from @jet_ssica!

What You’ll Need:

#10: Last-Minute Costume Ideas: Bratz Doll

Ok, I’m not gonna lie – this life size Bratz costume idea from @.ClassyCleanChic is so creative and fun! This is a peak “IYKYK” type of costume. For this costume, Emerson crimped her hair, really going the extra mile!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

#11: DIY Halloween Costumes: Cheetah Girls Group Costume

I simply adore this creative DIY Halloween group costume idea from @.2oocute_sisters. This is a fun group costume for kids of all ages!

What You’ll Need:

#12: DIY Halloween Costumes: Pregnant Mom & Family Pasta Costume

This family Halloween group costume idea from @.mrsangeli_mendoza is so fun!! I love the “Prego” label on her baby bump!

This is a great DIY costume!

What You’ll Need:

#13: Last-Minute Homemade Costume Ideas: Starbucks Barista

You’ll be the hit of your Halloween party in this costume — who doesn’t love their barista! @.jcpellerito put together such a fun and easy DIY Halloween costume!

This costume might be a bit harder to source — you may have to print out the Starbucks logo to attach to your visor — and it’s still so fun!

Halloween Costume Pieces You’ll Need:

#14: DIY Halloween Costumes: Birthday Cupcake

I am SO impressed with @.LizHarryDesign’s DIY Halloween costume! This is a great use of a pink sweater and some craft materials!

Here’s What to Find:

#15: Last-Minute Costume Ideas: Scarecrow

Another DIY scarecrow Halloween costume, this time with OVERALLS! @.Leslie_Jespersen looks so cute here!

What You’ll Need to Find:

#16: DIY Halloween Costumes: Dr Seuss 3 Best Friends Costume

@.thuyanh_do1012 took this photo with her work best friends, making it a great Dr Seuss DIY costume! I love the ribbons in their hair!

What You’ll Need to Get:

#17: Cheap and Easy Costume Ideas for Adults: Sexy Devil

This next Halloween costume is so fun, especially if you have some red lingerie or a swimsuit already! @.Erihnxelben819 is killing the game!

Costume Pieces:

#18: DIY Halloween Costumes: Cute Kid Costume

This next DIY Halloween costume idea is for kids from @.imdeztinee! The grape costume is super easy, and the apple costume requires a bit of sewing!

Shopping List:

#19: Easy Character Costume Ideas: Where’s Waldo

This next costume is from @.ChanelVanreenen on Instagram, who blogs on Chanel Moving Forward! Chanel does a whole 30 days of costumes each October — it’s so fun!

I love her DIY Where’s Waldo costume! This sweater could be bought, or you could add white stripes to a thrifted red sweater, using fabric paint!

What to Buy:

#20: DIY Halloween Costumes: Twinning Costume

This next costume is a fun one if you love to “twin” with your sister, BFF, etc. Or if you have a twin, like creator @.estradatwin2! All you need is a white t-shirt, a sharpie and some paper!

#21: DIY Halloween Costumes: Turning Red Family Costume

This next family DIY Halloween costume comes from @.ktlarz on Instagram! This definitely will take some crafting, but it’s so fun!

What to Buy:

#22: Easy Halloween Costumes: Couple Costume

This DIY couples costume made me LOL. What a fun couple costume from @.themodernsavvy!

What to Look For:

#23: DIY Halloween Costumes: Easy Devil Costume

This next costume is so creative from @.sammiemily! Featuring really rad eye makeup and “horns” made out of hair wound up and pinned.

This costume is effortless cool girl chic!

#24: Easy Halloween Costumes: Black Cat from Hocus Pocus

How fun is this Binx black cat costume from @.consciously_vegan on Instagram?! We love the cute cat ears!

(For the uninitiated, “Binx” is the black cat in Hocus Pocus!)

Create this Costume:

#25: DIY Halloween Costume Idea for Makeup Artist: Fake Tan Costume

How fun is this fake tan Halloween costume from @.michaelambry. She explains more about this making DIY Halloween costume on her post!

What You’ll Need:

#26: DIY Family Halloween Costume Idea: Traffic Costumes

How fun is this family costume from @.26loavesofbrioche! I love that this is an easy DIY costume for a family!

Supplies for this Costume

#27: DIY Costume Idea: Mom with Baby House Plant

Ok, I cannot get over how creative this costume is from @.terynskye! This mom and baby costume is just too cute!

What You’ll Need:

#28: Easy DIY Couples Costume Idea: Netflix and Chill Couples Costume

How fun is this costume from @.ediec5 and @.fazoficial!? Love a funny DIY costume!

What You’ll Need:

#29: DIY Costume Idea: Coraline

Harley’s @.HarleyAnneGrant DIY Coraline costume is so fun!

What You’ll Need:

#30: DIY Costume Idea: Mom Cowboy & Baby as Sherrif

How cute is @.Stephanie.Parkes in this Wild Wild West cowboy costume?! Love it!

What You’ll Need:

#31: DIY Costume Ideas: Britney Spears

I was so excited when I found this psot from @.highlightsofmolly!

What You’ll Need:

#32: DIY Couple Halloween Costume Idea: Danny & Sandy from Grease

Love this fun DIY couples costume from @.dianajohansen82!

What You’ll Need:

#33: DIY Costume Idea: Angel

Doesn’t @.Kelseyrae_mua look gorgeous as an angel?!

What You’ll Need:

#34: Easy DIY Costume Idea: Caution Tape Dress

The Caution Tape Dress is such a fun costume idea! @.WishUponAdar is killing it!

What You’ll Need:

#35: DIY Costume Idea: Kim Kardashian Broke the Internet Costume

Another iconic costume, this time from @.itzel_ita!

What You’ll Need:

#36: DIY Halloween Costume Idea: The Mummy

The Mummy is such a fun movie! @.yay.imma.llama.again has created such a fun costume of Evie from The Mummy!

What You’ll Need:

#37: Easy DIY Halloween Costume Idea: Dust Bunny

Our last DIY Halloween costume idea comes from @.heelsandvalleys! Lander made such a fun and witty Halloween costume, using a few easy accessories! I love her cute pose ideas as well.

Here’s What You Need:

This post was all about DIY Halloween costumes.

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