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14 Gardening Gifts for Dad He Absolutely Needs (Plus Some That Are Just Fun!)

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These gardening gifts for dad are perfect for the guy with the green thumb that rather be outside right now.

Buying gifts for your dad (or any father figure in your life) can be tough. What can you get the man that seems like he has it all figured out?

When shopping for my dad, I tend to target his hobbies or things he spends his time doing anyway. That way, I can guarantee he’ll get some use out of my gift!

If your dad is like mine and spends most of his time outdoors, in the garden, or even just doing yard work–this is the perfect gift guide for you (and your dad!)

This post is all about gardening gifts for dad.

Gardening Gifts for Dad

The best gardening gifts for dad are practical, durable, and maybe even meaningful (if your dad is the sentimental type!) Here are some of my top tips I’ve collected from shopping for my own dad over the years.

My Tips:

  1. TYPE of Gardener: When looking for gardening gifts, it’s helpful to do a bit of research! What does your dad LOVE to garden? For instance, when I shop for a gardening gift for a loved one, I always make sure to note what they specifically garden. Are they a vegetable gardener? (I love tomato gardening!) Are they into growing dahlias? You get the idea. Each of these types of gardens may require different tools and specialty equipment. Having that info is key!
  2. PERSONALIZATION: In 2024, I love that we can personalize just about ANY gift. When shopping for a gardening gift for the father figures in my life, I think personalized gifts are some of the best, which is why I’ve curated my favorites below!
  3. DURABILITY: Listen, many big box stores have gardening toolkits for around $25, and while thoughtful, these don’t last and often break before the gardening season is over. For this reason, I recommend you go for durability and quality!

Best Gardening Gifts for Dad

#1 Gardening Gift Idea for Dad: Auger Drill Bit for Planting

Ok, first up on my list we have this auger drill bit for planting. I don’t have one of these myself, but the mom of one of my gardening besties in the Rocky Mountains SWEARS by hers.

This type of tool can help your dad break up soil easier, as well as dig holes more quickly! This is a great gardening gift for the man who loves tech and new gadgets! (Just make sure he doesn’t go too crazy with it if he practices no-dig gardening!)

From the maker: “While this spiral drill bit is perfect for planting bulbs and bedding plants, as well as shredding up weeds and mixing fertilizer, it’s not just limited to garden work. Easily dig holes for fence posts, ground lights, outdoor torches, and umbrellas – all with one tool.”

#2 Gardening Gift Idea: Seeds

I feel like seeds are such an easy gift to give gardeners, but so few bother to gift seeds! I promise you, all the gardeners in your life would appreciate a gift of seed packets! They make such a fun card or stocking stuffer!

Just make sure you buy seeds that your dad would actually be interested in growing, and that the seeds are appropriate for his USDA Hardiness Zone. If you dad loves to grow tomatoes like mine, I highly recommend the heirloom tomatoes from High Mowing Organic Seeds.

You can find these seeds appropriate for your zone a simple google search! Better yet, you could gift your own seeds that you’ve saved! For folks in my zone (Zone 6B), I highly recommend seeds from:

#3 Gardening Gifts for Dad: Carhartt Mens Suede Work Gloves

There are various types of gardening gloves, some meant more for looks and light pruning, and others meant for getting down and dirty.

These gloves from Carhartt are the latter. Carhartt is a trusted brand used by professional farmers across the USA, and these work gloves are perfect for the gardener who is reorganizing his plant beds, building a tool shed, or cutting back trees and shrubbery.

#4 Gardening Gift Ideas for Men: Legacy Tool Belt from Carhartt

You know I had to bring Carhartt back, as they make so many great gifts for men who love to garden.

This Legacy Tool Belt from Carhartt can be used to carry different tools, as well as odds and ends your gardener may find himself using, like seed packets, etc. This is a multi-functional tool for the gardener who loves to garden and build things!

#5 Gardening Gifts for Father’s Day: Hori Hori Knife

I love introducing gardeners to the hori hori knife, a Japanese tool that has many uses in the garden. Use the hori hori knife for digging, transplanting, cutting twine–even use it as a bottle opener if you dad needs a cool beverage after a ong day in the garden!

The hori hori knife makes the perfect gift for the dad who needs a multitool in the garden. I love this one from Barebones, made with a stainless steel double-edged blade with both straight and serrated edges. This knife is made to last!

#6 Gardening Gift Ideas for Men: Gardening Knee Pads

Your dad may roll his eyes initially, but once he tries out gardening in knee pads–he’ll never go back! Turns out, knee pads can be VERY useful for gardening, making the whole experience comfier for tender knees.

A special note when buying gardening knee pads–you’re going to want to go for QUALITY, here. These knee pads will be in the dirt, probably get drenched with water, etc. We selected these knee pads based on the number of reviews (over 31,000 at time of publishing) and the 4 star rating on Amazon.

#7 Gardening Gift Ideas for Dad: Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

While airpods are great, it’s easy to lose them while gardening– or to accidentally get them wet! A bluetooth speaker can easily hook up to your gardener’s phone, so they can listen to music, podcasts, etc, while gardening.

Heads up, I don’t think this is a good gift for a gardener who loves his silence (like my own dad, unless he’s listening to the baseball game!)

This gift can also be used for backyard BBQs and other festivities in your gardener’s space!

#8 Gardening Gift Ideas for Father’s Day: Vegetable Gathering Basket

Allow your dad to easily reap the rewards of his garden come harvest time. This is a perfect gift for vegetable and herb gardeners. The holes in the bottom of the basket allow drainage while rinsing off the produce. I love the option to clean up my veggies with the hose outside before bringing them in the house–this reduces mess!

I actually put together a whole guide on gathering baskets, and this plastic harvesting basket can be used when rinsing off vegetables.

Unique Gardening Gifts for Dad

#9 Gardening Gift Ideas for Men: Gnomes & Dinosaurs FTW

Gardening gifts for men - Garden art

Ok, we just HAD to get a little cheeky with this gift guide. Gardening dads love to have a sense of humor, and most are pretty down to earth (pun intended).

If the gardener in your life is known for his love of movies and media (from Jurassic Park to Marvel), he may enjoy this eyebrow raising gift for his garden.

From the maker: “Each dinosaur eating garden gnome is made of long-lasting resin and hand-painted with UV resistant paint so that it doesn’t fade in the sun and water, making it solid and lasting.”

#10 Gardening Gift Ideas for Father: Customizable Garden Sign

Next up, we have a thoughtful gardening gift your dad can hang on his garden gate or fence. How cute?!

Alternatively, there are versions of this sign for sale that can be staked in a garden (kind of like those realtor “FOR SALE” signs).

#11 Gardening Gift Ideas for Dad: Funny Gardening T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a funny t-shirt? This t-shirt from Tee Shirt Season on Etsy is a great gardening gift idea for your dad. I think this would be an especially good gift for a recently retired dad who is committed to spending more time in the garden!

Available in up to an XXL, in both a hoodie and t-shirt. (I’d probably go with the t-shirt.)

#12 Gardening Gift Idea for Dad: Compost Caddy

If your dad has a compost pile (or doesn’t yet compost and needs some encouragement) this compost caddy can help him level up his game. Turn the scraps from the kitchen into food for his garden!

This is my favorite compost caddy, and I use this in my own home! I wrote a longer post on compost caddy options here, and this caddy makes a great gift for gardeners who are serious about high quality compost and creating plant food!

Yard Work Gifts for Dad

#13 Gardening Gifts for Dad: Cotton Wide-Brim Fishing Bucket Hat

If your dad is going to spend lots of time outdoors, he’ll need to protect himself from the sun!

This comfortable and trendy cotton hat is the perfect gift for any dad that loves to spend time outdoors but may need a little extra sun protection. These bucket hats come with more than seven color options and an adjustable chin strap, making them a great gardening gift for dad.

#14 Gardening Gifts for Men: Gorilla Cart

The Poly Dump Cart is ready for a day of hauling dirt or taking on those ambitious weekend projects your dad is famous for. The newly-designed cart has an innovative updated frame design with a wider stance, zero-turn steering and an all-new full dump design. 

The patented full dump function makes it easy to unload all contents of the cart without rolling over. With a 1,200 lbs. hauling capacity and large 13 in. pneumatic tires, this cart is always ready to tackle the project of the day.

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