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21 Sustainable Gifts for Dad (Whether or Not He Cares About Going Green)

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Looking for sustainable gifts for dad, perhaps for Father’s Day (or honestly any occasion?) Spoil him with our favorite zero waste gifts for dad.

At a certain point in your sustainability journey, any gift-giving occasion is a chance to consider your commitment.

Does the recipient know or care about sustainability at all? No? Who cares?!

This sustainable gift guide is sure to fit the bill whether or not your dad knows not to recycle those greasy pizza boxes. (Those aren’t recyclable, dad!)

There are plenty of great gift-giving options that reduce your overall impact on the planet.

Of course, we always put a plug for experiences over products, but if you’re a material girl like me (hi, I’m a Taurus) you love giving THINGS. Maybe even in addition to experiences.

Or maybe your dad has dropped hints about a specific thing that he wants, but you want to give him the eco-friendly version.

Shhh, we’ll never tell.

This post is all about sustainable gifts for dad.

Sustainable Gifts for Dad Under $25

100% Cotton Bandana

This bandana is perfect if you’re looking for cute gifts for an outdoorsy dad! This bandana is made from sustainable cotton and is seriously versatile.  With more than 101 uses for the Hell Yeah Bandana, from fashionable accessories to practical hiking gifts, any dad will appreciate this stylish bandana!

These bandanas are handmade in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with 100% USA-grown cotton.

Barebones Classic Work Glove

A classic work glove is an essential sustainable gift for dad. These gloves are made of premium grain cowhide, featuring a rustic color that hides stains and scratches well. In addition, these gloves are specifically designed for outdoor use and can withstand the toughest conditions!

Surprise your granola dad with chemical-free, naturally colored, sustainable work gloves as a gift for Father’s Day.

Beard Oil

Many dads pride themselves on an illustrious beard, but what do you get as a sustainable gift for a dad when it comes to beard care? We at PunkMed recommend this nourishing oil that keeps beard hairs nourished and hydrated. 

The lightweight blend of oils—jojoba, moringa, and argan—replenishes moisture and vitamins, protecting beard hairs and delicate skin underneath for a soft, shiny, healthy appearance. Available in two pure, sensual scents that linger lightly for an uplifting sensation.

RTIC Water Bottle

This year, a hardy and durable water bottle is a great sustainable gift for dad. Dad can use this gift to stay hydrated all day with the perfect water bottle to complement an adventurous life! Plus, this reusable bottle has an extra-wide opening for easy filling, drinking, and cleaning.

This excellent water bottle is designed to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 6 hours. It’s also constructed from premium grade stainless steel metal that’s non-toxic, non-leaching, and BPA-free, making it a great sustainable gift for dad.

To-Go Ware Bamboo Travel Utensils

We’re all about giving dad unique and sustainable gifts, like these to-go travel utensils! Made from bamboo, they’re reusable, light, and easy to store. Reusable silverware is a great way to cut down on waste while traveling and ensure you never forget to bring a fork or spoon with you while hiking or camping. 

Put a smile on dad’s face with this fun,valuable, and sustainable gift for dads! These silverware are finished with top-grade, food-safe wood oil, ensuring they’re made to last. In addition, handwashing these utensils will ensure they last a good long while for dad!

Sustainable Gifts for Dad Under $50

Maldon Sea Salt

These sea salt flakes are a delicious gourmet salt and a fantastic sustainable gift for dad. They have a clean taste that enhances anything from a snack to a full course meal. They can also be used to elevate classic cocktails and beverages.

These sea salt flakes are a great sustainable gift for dad since they travel well and can level up a snack, dish, or cocktail at home or by the campfire.

Recycled Spanish Wine Decanter

Is your dad a fan of delicious red wines? We recommend this beautiful recycled Spanish wine decanter for any aspiring sommelier. These decanters are a great sustainable gift for dad as they are recycled and allow red wines to breathe.

Gift this unique, sustainable gift to dad as a decorative pitcher, red wine decanter, or lovely centerpiece for the kitchen table!

Porcelain Doubleshot Espresso Cup

So many great dads are fueled by caffeine. If your dad is a sustainable espresso fan, this porcelain doubleshot espresso cup will make an excellent gift for them! This modern handmade porcelain espresso cup is elegant yet durable. It is a comfortable one-fingered pottery piece that offers the best way to enjoy an espresso at home.

Gift this hand-crafted sustainable gift to dad as a beautiful piece of pottery for all their espresso needs. Ceramics are breakable, so this cup may not be the best gift for a dad who needs drop-proof beverage containers. 

Men’s Eucalyptus Tee

We think every dad deserves to live in comfort, and this relaxed-fit eucalyptus t-shirt is a great sustainable gift! This breathable, lightweight, and soft shirt is perfect for sleeping, lounging, working out, or running errands. 

Plus, this sustainable gift for dad has a comfortable, relaxed fit and comes in neutral shades. Complete the set with the matching joggers for the perfect gift for dad!

Workplace Cork Desk Mat

Are you looking for that perfect work-from-home sustainable gift for dad? We recommend this cork desk mat as a great addition to any dad’s workstation. This mat helps keep a workplace tidy, provides a sturdy grip for keyboards and laptops and serves as a mouse pad!

Cork is a sustainable alternative to plastic, and this mat is designed to last. It’s a win-win for sustainable dads everywhere.

Personalized Bottle Opener Key Chain

Every dad deserves a cool and unique sustainable gift, and this bottle opener is the perfect conversation starter.

Grab this sustainable bottle opener keychain as a fun and environmentally friendly gift for dad! This keychain is the perfect long-distance gift as it’s small and easily shippable with other items in care packages or to dads who might not enjoy flashy gifts.

Eco Friendly Father’s Day Gifts Under $100

Unisex Bamboo Waffle Robe

Every dad needs a little comfort in their daily self-care routine. That’s why we recommend this plush bathrobe as a way to spoil dads, but in a sustainable way! This bamboo waffle bathrobe is designed with a honeycomb texture to make it ultra-soft, moisture-wicking and fast-drying. 

Created using sustainable, renewable materials like organic bamboo, this waffle robe is a cozy sustainable gift for dad that will keep them warm and toasty.

Cast Iron Grill Pan

We know not every dad is a confident grill master, but we’d be remiss not to include an excellent ole sustainable cast iron gift in this round-up. Of course, no dad should be without a durable cast iron pan, which certainly makes for a reliable, sustainable gift.

Cast irons are a kitchen staple, and your dad certainly doesn’t have to be a grill master to use one! With straightforward care instructions and easy wash-up, this cast iron can be used to cook indoors or by the campfire without being damaged over open or hot flames.

Recycled Copper Boston Maraka Shaker Set

Some dads love to show off, so why not help them express their mixologist skills with these recycled copper shakers. These beautiful recycled shakers are eye-catching, attractive, and created to last and make delicious drinks.

One 18-ounce and one 30-ounce solid copper cups were designed and tested for a reliable positive seal. This copper shaker set’s elegance, durability, and function will elevate even the most basic cocktail, making it the best sustainable gift for dads.

Men’s Classic Sole Low Back Wool Slippers

Pair these gorgeous slippers with the waffle robe from above, and you’ve got a sustainable gift for dad that yells out comfort and luxury! Made from sustainable materials like wool that helps wick moisture and resist odor, these gorgeous slippers are sure to impress.

These Kyrgies Classics are handcrafted in Kyrgyzstan by women artisans using a traditional felting technique that is centuries old. The cozy, sustainably felted wool makes this pair of house shoes the ultimate sustainable accessory for any dad.

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Made From 100% Recycled Plastic

If you’re looking for a sustainable gift for dads, look no further than this Bluetooth speaker made with 90% recycled plastic. This lightweight Bluetooth speaker goes anywhere. With its waterproof design, dads can rock out at the beach, the lake, or just about anywhere. 

Plus, this recycled speaker goes above and beyond by allowing more than 12 hours of playtime for music.

Sustainable Gifts for Dad Over $100

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

The Solo Stove Bonfire is unlike any other fire pit you’ve ever seen! This bonfire fire pit is a great sustainable gift for dad. 

Camping outdoors has never been more accessible with this minimal smoke and ash output campfire. You can now enjoy the outdoors longer with your favorite dad without needing to avoid the smoke.

The Bonfire is easy to clean up and won’t leave dad smelling like a campfire. The Bonfire gets its power from logs and creates a secondary burn and a beautiful flame that your family and friends will enjoy gathering around. Surprise dad with this wholesome, sustainable gift!

Men’s All Weather Boot 

Are you looking for a sturdy, sustainable gift for dad? These all-weather boots will be an upgrade for any outdoorsy dad in need of a new boot. While these boots can handle all terrains, they’re also refined enough for the office and comfortable enough to wear every day.

The best part about these boots? They’re a fantastic sustainable gift for dad, as 95% of the leather used in these shoes are Leather Working Group certified and come from tanneries committed to diverting waste from landfills, treating their wastewater, and ensuring any chemicals are disposed of responsibly. 

Loreto Messenger Bag – Waxed Canvas

Surprise dad with this handy, sustainably crafted messenger bag to carry all his professional items from place to place. 

This sustainable book bag is designed for the dad on the go. Loreto comes equipped with slots for a laptop, phone, note pads, water bottle, and pens. Handmade in an ethical factory in León, Mexico, this is a great sustainable gift for dad!

adidas Men’s Zg21 Recycled Polyester Golf Shoes

Golf may not be a fan favorite for every dad, but check out these recycled polyester golf shoes for the dad who loves golf and is looking for more sustainable equipment!

Dads can play 18 holes in cushioned comfort while sporting these sustainably made gold shoes. These men’s golf shoes give lightweight stability to their wearers on the green. A blended midsole cushioning returns energy on each step, while the cleated outsole delivers a confident, green-friendly grip. These recycled shoes are a sustainable choice for the golf-loving dad.

The North Face Eco Trail Bed 20F / -7C Camping Sleeping Bag

Why not giftthis sustainable eco-trail bag to the outdoorsy dad in your life? This unique trail bed is an affordable, maximum-comfort sleeping bag made with 100% recycled shell fabric and insulation.

Because dads deserve only the best sustainable gifts, this sleeping bag is designed with a fitted hood, draft collar, and zipper baffle to increase comfort and prevent heat loss. Pad loops attach the bag to a sleeping pad, and a vaulted foot box gives loft underfoot for more warmth.

Keep your dad warm and cozy on their outdoor adventures with this tremendous sustainable gift!

Men’s Upcycled Jacket 

If your dad struggles with finding sustainable styling solutions, this corduroy jacket may be just the thing! This sustainably-made upcycled cotton blend jacket is a lightweight piece that’s perfect for layering. 

This is a great sustainable gift for dad since it can elevate any style from jeans and t-shirts, to more hardy hiking wear in the great outdoors.

This post was all about sustainable gifts for dad.

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