14 Women-Owned Sustainable and Small Biz Fashion Brands to Support

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Celebrate International Women’s Day by supporting women-owned fashion brands, particularly those small businesses with an eye toward sustainability. 

Why feel good about supporting women-owned small businesses?

For starters, of course we want to see women entrepreneurs succeed in the business world where they are often underrepresented and underpaid (race also factors in here). Even women entrepreneurs make less than their male counterparts.

Secondly, it is important to support women in fashion because of the exploitation that is so rampant in the industry, particularly in fast fashion. In fact, 85% of garment workers are young women ages 18-24. These women are paid an average of $3 per day.

By supporting small, sustainable women-owned businesses you are voting with your dollars against the mass consumerism, environmental harm and women’s rights violations of fast fashion.

Here are some of my favorite small women-owned brands with commitments to sustainability, but I encourage you to do some research and support your local businesses as well!

Bow mask by Erin Robertson.

Erin Robertson

Erin Robertson is the season 15 winner of Project Runway and local to me here in Boston. Erin has been creating some of the coolest face masks of the pandemic, and I hear she is working on a new collection.

Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies is a luxury shoes and accessories brand with a deep respect for traditional design methods and the artisans that keep them.

Fly by Night NYC

Fly By Night pieces are handmade in NYC by Laura Harrington, who uses deadstock fabrics (including textiles from old movie sets!)

Paloma Wool

This funky Barcelona-based brand champions local production, minimal waste procedures and the use of sustainable fibers and environmentally-friendly dyes.

Earrings by Fat Pom Poms.

Fat Poms Poms

Jess Gladwish of colorful accessories brand Fat Pom Poms is committed to sustainability in her production, emphasizing reuse and recycling of scrap yarn and other materials.


MLE (named after founder Emily Antonian Li Mandri) offers bespoke clothing and accessories at a relatively affordable price point (they even have cute stuff for your dog!)


Zanni makes elevated basics using sustainable fabrics from OEKO-TEX ® certified mills.


Chloe Dewberry of ODIE NOLA embroiders powerful messages onto recycled pieces found around New Orleans. A percentage of each purchase goes toward local advocacy organizations focused on racial justice, mutual aid, or criminal justice reform.


MACHETE’s jewelry and accessories are made with natural and renewable materials.

Face mask by Nathalia JMag.

Nathalia JMag  

Nathalia JMag is another Boston local and Project Runway alumni. Her designs feature upcycled materials and natural dyes.


Founded under the mission to replace the single-use plastic grocery bag, Baggu has expanded to create all types of colorful and functional handbags.


Handmade in NYC, Yam jewelry features upcycled and deadstock materials.

Rudy Jude

Rudy Jude makes adult and children’s clothing made with organic fabrics and natural dyes.

Nat + Noor

These hair accessories are made with recycled materials and cellulose acetate, a natural and renewable resource.

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