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Are you looking for ethically made gardening hats for women? Then welcome to PunkMed! You are in the right place.

Summer is here, and it’s time to get out in the garden! But, with summer comes the sun’s rays–and a need for sun protection.

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In today’s post, I’m sharing 15 gardening hats for women. Now, I want to be clear upfront–I haven’t bought gardening hats from each of these brands (that would be a lot of hats, yikes)! I’ve put together this roundup so you can find what you need, and I intend to save ​​you from hours of Googling.

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This post is all about gardening hats for women.

Gardening Hats for Women & All Genders

As a blogger, I do a good amount of research to understand the keywords people use to find specific sustainably made products. For this blog post, I found many people type in “gardening hats for women ” into their Google search bar.

I’m betting people type this phrase into Google search because they’re looking for specific design features and aesthetics we associate with women. 

Now, hats don’t have a gender–and I firmly believe that folks should wear whatever makes them feel their best. The hats in this post can be worn by anyone! I used the search term “gardening hats for women,” in an effort to connect people with sustainable resources, and, hopefully, share additional info on gender identity. I wrote this post from my own perspective as a woman, selecting items that I find beautiful!​

If you’d like ​​to learn more about gender identity and how we express gender, I recommend visiting this website.

Let’s get into it!

#1: Straw Gardening Hat for Women – Cuyana Wide Brim Hat || $128

straw gardening hat for women in light cream color with wide brim

Looking for a wide brim straw gardening hat? This Panama Hat from Cuyana is handwoven and ethically made by people in Ecuador.  This is a perfect multi-use hat, and I can see this being worn as a chic gardening hat for ladies as well as while traveling. This wide brim gardening hat comes in multiple colors, as Cuyana often has seasonal releases.

  • Head Diameter: 22.05″ to 23.23”

Not only is this hat beautiful and ethically made, but it’s also functional! This gardening hat features an interior adjustable band that can be adjusted for a custom fit.

See more details on how this straw gardening hat for women is made here!

#2: Gardening Hats for Women – Sun Hat in Linen from Blue Corduroy || $64

gardening hat for women in linen fabric. model is outside in nature.

I love the aesthetic of straw garden hats, but some​times I want a more floppy option. This sun hat is made from homespun linen, and the brim can be folded down for a bit more neck protection. 

This gardening hat is handmade in Cambria, California. 

  • Head Diameter: 21 into 23 in

Shop this gardening hat for women here.

#3: Gardening Hats for Women – Upcycled Hat from Brown and Brook || $44

gardening hat for women made out of upcycled materials

I adore when designers, creatives, and brands upcycle materials, and Brown and Brook is one of those companies!

This ethical brand makes sun hats and gardening hats from old tablecloths, fabric remnants, and other upcycled textiles.

  • Head Diameter: 23 inches to 24.25 inches

Brown and Brook also offer custom-made hats, so that no one is left out! If you’re looking for an extra-small or extra-large gardening hat, this could be a good brand for you!

Shop upcycled gardening hats here.

Below, I have shared a few more of my favorite gardening hats for women from Brown and Brook! 

#4: Gardening Hats for Women – Organic Hemp Hats from Surya Australia || $26.50

sustainable gardening hat made out of hemp

Surya Australia is a star seller on Etsy, and one of the products they offer is this ethically made gardening hat for women. This hat has an extra design feature, specifically a wire placed around the brim for best shaping. 

This gardening hat has a “rustic” sort of vibe, and it is also available in green, black, orange, and purple. I can think of a few gardeners I know who would love an orange or purple ladies’ gardening hat! In addition, Surya Australia uses 100% organic Nepali hemp. 

  • Head Diameter: Unavailable

Shop this organic hemp gardening hat for women here!

I’ve also shared another eco-friendly option from Surya Australia below.

#5 Gardening Hats for Women – Plaid Sun Hat from Village Thrive

Next up on this roundup of gardening hats for women and people of all genders, we have this straw gardening hat from Village Thrive. This gardening hat features a plaid pattern, adding a bit of something extra to the design.

  • Head Diameter: 17″ diameter

Shop this straw gardening hat for women here!

#6 Wide Brim Gardening Hat – Ombre Holiday Papale Sun Hat from Village Thrive

This ombre sun hat from Village Thrive has such a unique design, with a hole at the top for a ponytail! This sun hat is perfect for gardening when you want to keep your hair out of your face.

From the brand: “Hair up or hair down, date night or beach day. It’s playful yet elegant.”

Diameter: 14″ diameter, 3.5″ brim

#7: Gardening Hats for Women & All Genders – Packable Sun Hat from BAGGU || $36

gardening hat for women with wide brim foldable with bold print

If you love bold fabrics and colors, then you’ll love the packable sun hat from BAGGU. One of my blogger friends, Brianne of The Huntswoman, bought one of these hats last summer.

Brianne gushed to me about how easily this sun hat packs up for travel, and she often uses it when planting flowers in her Utah garden. 

  • Head Diameter: Fits heads up to 23.5 “

Baggu actually started out making reusable shopping bags in 2007 and has since grown. There are a number of specific ways BAGGU endeavors to be an ethical and sustainable brand. On their website, they really dive into the nitty-gritty of their sustainable practices, which makes me feel much more secure supporting them as a consumer. BAGGU uses fabrics made up of partially recycled materials (exact percentages on their website), as well as using recycled paper and recycled polyfill shipping. 

Shop ethically made gardening hats here!

Below, I’ve also shared a few other options–I couldn’t pick just one!

#8: Gardening Hats for Women – Sombra Sun Hat from Accompany US || $62

gardening hat for women with wide brim in woven palm material

Doing a bit more research on straw gardening hats that are ethically made, I found another option from Accompany US! The brim on this gardening hat looks to be extra wide, providing a bit of extra protection from the sun. 

  • Head Diameter: 56cm to 60cm

It’s made out of natural woven palm, and vegetable-tanned leather. This hat is made ethically in Mexico, in partnership with artisans.

Shop this ladies’ gardening hat here.

#9: Gardening Hats for Women – Will & Bear Fair Trade Hats || $99 to $139

Next up on this list of gardening hats for women, I’m excited to share several fair trade gardening hats from Will & Bear. This company uses natural and biodegradable fibers as their main materials, and their straw hats are made from palm and raffia. 

In addition to their ethical materials, Will & Bear also works with suppliers that are BSCI and/or SA8000 certified.

  • Head Diameter: 21.5 inches to 24 inches 

Additional Gardening Hats for your consideration

#10 Wide Brim Gardening Hat – Ombre Holiday Papale Sun Hat from Village Thrive

#11 Ladies Gardening Hat – Woven Bucket Hat from Village Thrive

#12 Gardening Hats for Women – Sombra Sun Hat from Caminito

#13 Wide Brim Gardening Hat – Visera Visor from Caminito

#14 Ladies Gardening Hat – Palm Leaf Sun Visor from Ceremonia

This post is all about gardening hats for women.

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