Non Toxic Perfume That Will Make People Stop on the Street to Ask How You Smell So Good

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Looking for a non toxic perfume that will have people stop you in the street to ask how you smell so good? These recommended fragrances are that intoxicating, but skip all the potentially harmful chemicals.

Scent is closely tied with memory.

This is why many people have a ‘signature scent,’ and why the thought of giving it up may be akin to ego death.

Unfortunately, dousing yourself in the same commercial fragrance day in and day out may be harmful to your health (and to those around you.)

The good news is I promise you there are healthy alternatives that will keep you smelling fresh and make you stand out.

I myself had made the switch from conventional perfume to a non toxic alternative (listed below!), and since then more than one friend has pulled away from a hug commenting on how good I smell. It is possible!

Your non toxic signature scent awaits.

This post is all about non toxic perfume.

The Problem With the Fragrance Industry

At a certain point in your non toxic journey, you’ll probably become obsessed with reading ingredient labels.

Scanning the labels of common household goods like cosmetics, cleaning products and more can reveal some seriously concerning chemicals lurking in our stuff.

However, you might notice that your favorite perfume does not come with an ingredient list.

This is because of an outdated law that protects the fragrance industry from disclosing ingredients in the name of trade secrets.

In effect, fragrance companies don’t have to tell you which of the 4,000 chemicals used in the industry are in your perfume. And it could be many, as a single scent can be made of hundreds of different chemicals.

Fragrance Industry Regulation

What’s more, the fragrance industry is largely self-regulated by the research arm of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), a trade organization for fragrance businesses.

The IFRA has a comprehensive review process that sets safety standards for the industry. Adherence to these standards is largely voluntary.

Potential Health Concerns of Fragrance

Nearly 35% of the population report migraines and other health complaints due to exposure to fragrance.

However, these are just the immediate health effects.

Some experts have raised concerns about the long-term effects of repeated exposure to some of the chemicals used in the fragrance industry.

According to a reporting from Research for Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE), a women’s health non profit, more than 1,200 fragrance chemicals currently in use have been flagged as potential or known “chemicals of concern” by various international watchdogs and governing bodies.

According to the report, some of these chemicals are potentially carcinogenic, while others may be endocrine disruptors (meaning they may mimic certain hormones, or block hormone receptors.)

Our Philosophy Regarding Fragrance

Some linkages to health concerns are stronger than others based on the available science.

We may not know how repeated exposures to the chemicals of concern used in the fragrance industry affect human health over time.

I like to apply precautionary principle to all my consumer choices. While many of the chemicals used in the fragrance industry may be safe in appropriate doses, I would like see more transparency and more research in many key areas.

In the meantime, there are alternatives.

Best Non Toxic Perfumes

Best Floral Fragrance

Josh Rosebrook – Enfleuria Botanical Fragrance

Josh Rosebrook is the king of natural skincare, but his foray into fragrance has also been a huge success. This floral fragrance is formulated with the essential oils of gardenia, jasmine and citrus blossom using ancient French distilling techniques.

Best Tropical Fragrance

Leahlani Skincare – Perfume Oil

This non toxic fragrance is for my babes that rather be at the beach. Transport yourself to a tropical vacation with just on spritz of this perfume with notes of vanilla, coconut, and Hawaiian puakenini flowers.

Best Fresh & Clean Fragrance

Sigil – Aqua Viridi

This non toxic fragrance from Sigil is meant to represent the element of water (they have several perfumes with elemental themes.) This one would be great for water signs (hi, looking at you Pisces!) It has notes of seaspray, but ultimately is a clean scent with petitgrain and blue cypress.

Best Non Toxic Perfume Overall

Living Libations – Lavish Abundance

I almost don’t want to you tell you about this, because it’s my own signature scent. And it’s like, so good.

No exaggeration, this perfume literally has people stop me on the street asking me how I smell so good. A simple combination of jasmine, lemon, lavender and vanilla, this fragrance is much more than the sum of its parts. Somehow the combination works together to become something much more–slightly tropical, somewhat sweet, and very alluring.

This post was all about non toxic perfume.

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