These are the Best Sustainable Christmas Gifts for the Earthy-Crunchy Person on Your List

These are the best sustainable Christmas gifts for the conscious consumer on your list .

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Looking for sustainable Christmas gifts to impress your loved ones this year and save the planet? These are the best sustainable Christmas gifts for the conscious consumer on your list (or anyone really!)

Shopping for the earthy-crunchy person in your life can be intimidating. I know! I am one, and I am very picky! What do you get them… reusable straws? (I mean, yes, you totally could.)

But sustainable Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be difficult these days.

There are many brands out there many more eco-friendly versions of the popular gifts you might already be shopping for.

For instance, when shopping, can you look for organic textiles instead of those that pollute the communities in which they’re grown? Or, can you shop for gifts that use recyclable and biodegradable materials that won’t sit in a landfill?

Yes, you can with this hand guide to sustainable Christmas gifts!

This post is all about the best sustainable Christmas gifts for anyone on your list.

1) Sustainable Bathrobes

Unisex Bamboo Waffle Robe by Ettitude.

Who doesn’t love a good bathrobe? Even for folks who don’t love baths, you can’t deny the pure pleasure of a day spent in a bathrobe eating snacks. These robes are Oeko-Tex certified and made with 100% organic bamboo lyocell, which is a fiber made from the pulp of bamboo trees.

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2) Maldon Sea Salt

Chefs and health-conscious folks alike rave about Maldon Sea Salt for its flavor and texture. Maldon has been perfecting the salt game since 1882, and their process is all-natural with no additives.

Plus, everyone knows there’s nothing better than sprinkling a little flakey sea salt on your meal with your best Salt Bae flair.

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3) Natural Soy Candle

Glass Tumbler Candle by Ritual and Fancy.

Candles are a go-to gift. Unfortunately, most traditional candles contain paraffin wax, which is a substance that can release harmful chemicals into your home. Instead, opt for soy wax candles like this Glass Tumbler Candle from Ritual + Fancy. The brand hand-pours these stunning candles with essential oils and unique floral designs in Portland, OR.

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4) Ceramic Olive Oil Decanter

Speckled white olive oil decanter by Ogusky Ceramics.

This ceramic olive oil decanter is perfect for olive oil, vinegar and even soy sauce. Ideally, you could fill this bad boy up at the local bulk store and not have to worry about throwing away packaging every time you buy olive oil!

Ogusky Ceramics are Boston-local and use completely non-toxic and foodsafe glazes for their ceramics.

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5) Recycled Copper Moscow Mule Set

Recycled Copper Moscow Mule Gift Set by Sertodo Copper.

Do you have a moscow mule fan in your life? A moscow mule is a cozy, wintery cocktail made with ginger beer. Honestly, this moscow mule gift set is so gorgeous it’s just icing on the cake that it’s handcrafted from recycled materials.

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6) All-Natural Incense

These all natural incense packs smells like a campfire surrounded by woody pine. Unfortunately, most incense is made with cheap perfumes that can irritate those sensitive to chemical scents. I find these don’t have that artificial smell. Instead, this all-natural incense will fill your home with the cozy scent of the forest.

Incense makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

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7) Upcycled Unisex Hoodie

Showda Upcycled Unisex Hoodie by ONE432.

These colorful, unisex hoodies look extremely cozy! Artisans in Pakistan handcrafted these hoodies, and you can absolutely tell the artistry they put into it. Take a look at the hand-embroidered details.

These upcycled hoodies are unique gift for anyone in your life that appreciates ethically-made clothing.

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8) Monstera Natural Soap

This soap is handmade in small batches in Wisconsin and is gluten-free and vegan. So perfect for the earthy-crunchy plant lover in your life!

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9) Fair Trade Picnic Basket

Natural Picnic Basket by KAZI.

This picnic basket by KAZI is handmade in Ghana by local artisans using natural plant fibers. This basket would made a perfect gift on its own or paired with a blanket and cheese board.

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10) Essential Oil Diffuser

Every self-respecting earthy-crunchy human needs an essential oil diffuser in their life! This ceramic essential oil diffuse from Kumi is actually cute and would fit seamlessly into any minimalist home decor. Pair this diffuser with a few essential oils and you have a perfect gift!

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11) Wool Slippers

Unisex Wool Feet Slippers by Chilote.

These slippers are handmade with 100% natural sheep wool in Patagonia, Chile. Over time, the slipper will natural conform to the shape of the wearer’s foot! How’s that for a personalized gift?

These slippers even come with a personalized QR code to track exactly where they were made. You can even use it to order a repair kit if needed! These slippers are build to last.

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12) Reusable Water Bottle

One of the single easiest sustainable swaps is to carry a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic bottled water. Keep your loved ones hydrated with this insulated gallon water bottle with a straw flip top.

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13) Zero Waste Wine Tote

Vin Zero Waste One Bottle Wine Tote by Aplat.

Bring the party with you wherever you go. This chic tote is made with organic cotton and zero-waste design and manufacturing. Pair this tote with an an actual bottle of wine (we love natural, biodynamic wines!) for a more substantial gift.

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This post was all about the best sustainable Christmas gifts.

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