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15 Sustainable Corporate Gifts | Eco Friendly Gifts

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Today on PunkMed, I’m sharing 15 sustainable corporate gifts for readers. If you’re trying to find eco-friendly corporate gifts for clients or internal employees, then you’re in the right place. 

Finding thoughtful corporate gifts can be a challenge (a lot of the typical options are a snooze and may end up in the trash!), and in this gift guide I’ve shared specific corporate gifts based on interest and industry.

This post is all about sustainable corporate gifts.

Hi, I’m Leslie

My name is Leslie, and I’m the founder of PunkMed! On my blog, I and my team share my info, experiences, and recommendations in the area of sustainability, urban homesteading, and outdoor living. 

In today’s post, I’m sharing 15 sustainable corporate gifts for your consideration. Now, as a blogger who focuses on ethical practices, I wanted to be sure to clearly communicate that I haven’t personally purchased from each of these brands (that would be a lot of stuff floating around in my house, yikes)! I’ve put together this roundup so you can find what you need, and my intention is to save ​​you from hours of Googling.

Let’s get into it!

Hi, I’m Leslie! Thank you for visiting my blog today. In this post, I’ve assembled my recommendations for thoughtful and eco-friendly corporate gifts.

Sustainable Corporate Gifts 

Before we get into it, I wanted to share a quick 101 on how I determine if a gift is ethical. If you’re reading this post, you likely work in the business world – and you know that marketers can exaggerate.

When including items in this gift guide, I looked for information on:

  • Eco-Friendliness: How is the business that produces a corporate gift mitigating their impact on the environment?
  • Ethical Labor: What labor practices or commitments has the business made?
  • Sustainability: Overall, what efforts has the business or organization made to build a better world – for all of us?

In addition, I have organized my guide by price point.

Sustainable Corporate Gifts Under $50

Below, I’ve shared a few eco-friendly corporate gifts that are under $50 USD. 

#1 Sustainable Corporate Gifts Under $50 – Cork Workplace Desk Mat || $45

First up on my sustainable corporate gift recommendations is this cork workplace desk mat from Tiradia Cork. This desk mat is made using natural cork, and also acts as one large mouse pad!

  • Sustainability: Handcrafted in Aveiro, Portugal

This desk mat is perfect for remote workers, hybrid workers (that’s me!), as well as digital nomads. It can be rolled up as needed, and make working from an airport lounge or the office much easier.

Snag this sustainable corporate gift here.

#2 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – Candles from Brennan Candle Co. || $31 each

When looking for corporate gifts, candles can be a great pick – done right. Candles can be a not-so-great gift for people with scent sensitivities, and candles made out of low-quality materials can cause migraines or headaches.

Luckily, Brennan Candle Co. uses high quality ingredients in their candles. From the brand: “Our clean-burning products are made with 100% soy wax, and are vegan and cruelty free.” Priced at $31 per candle, this gift communicates thoughtfulness and a bit of luxury – without breaking your quarterly budget.

  • Sustainability:  All candles are made in the USA, in the Denver, Colorado, area.

In addition, Brennan Candle Co. is a woman-owned business! This is a great business to support with corporate gifting dollars. My personal favorite scent is “Siren’s Song.” Brennan Candle Co. can also handle large corporate orders, as they’ve built in the systems to make small batches of candles as well as large batches.

Shop this sustainable corporate gift here.

#3 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – Recycled Spanish Wine Decanter || $38

This next eco-friendly corporate gift is a gorgeous recycled Spanish wine decanter from Newly Goods. Before giving this as a gift, be sure that the recipient(s) drinks and enjoys wine!

This decanter also works as a pitcher for a slow and lovely breakfast.

  • Sustainability:  Mouth-blown in Spain, made in small batches

Purchase this eco-friendly corporate gift here.

#4 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – Sustainably Made Toiletry Bag || $19.95

Next up, another gift for the business traveler! There are a number of companies who make upcycled toiletry bags in bright colors, but not everyone appreciates a bold fabric. These toiletry bags from Terra Thread are simple and utilitarian, 

I was pleased to see how much information Terra Thread shared about their eco-business practices:

  • Made with 100% Organic and Fairtrade Cotton
  • Processed and Manufactured per Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)
  • Color dyed using low impact GOTS Certified Dyes
  • Manufactured at a Fair Trade Certified Factory
  • Hang Tags are made using recycled kraft paper

This product is also an “Etsy Pick,” highlighted by Etsy’s style and trend editors.

Snag this ethical corporate gift here.

#5 Sustainable Corporate Gifts Under $50 – Phone Case from CASETIFY || $50

Next up on this eco corporate gift guide, it’s time to talk about phone cases. Overall, phone cases are not a sustainable product, and many people throw away a couple a year. That really adds up!

Luckily, CASETIFY makes an eco-friendly phone case. This makes a great gift for a business professional or client who has multiple phones (one for work and one for home). The phone case can also be monogrammed with the client or recipient’s name. (Obviously, it would be in poor taste to gift something with *your* company logo on it.)

  • Sustainability:  100% Compostable

Get this sustainable corporate gift here.

#6 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – All-Natural Merino Wool Mousepad || $15

Who says that mousepads have to be boring?! This recycled mouse pad from Slash Objects has an aesthetic viewpoint, while still being understated. This would be a great gift to give to a graphic designer or other creative professional in media.

  • Sustainability:  Made from post-consumer recycled rubber

In addition, Slash Objects is a women-owned company.

Snag this sustainable and more eco-friendly corporate gift here.

#7 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – Walnut Air Planter || $28

As I share elsewhere in this guide, I am a bit leery of giving plants as gifts. The recipient may feel pressure to keep the plant alive, and worry about what to tell the gift-giver if the plant…. doesn’t make it. Ahem.

Luckily, air plants are very self-sufficient, and these make a great gift for a colleague, client or business customer who has shared that they love having houseplants. This would also be a great gift to include in a larger gift basket, as it’s more compact and has a delightful aesthetic.

  • Sustainability:  Made by hand in Philadelphia

Please note that the air plant is not included.

Get this sustainable business client gift here.

#8 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – Recycled Newspaper Pencils || $8.50

Next, a great business gift for a person who loves stationary – who really doesn’t need another notebook or journal. These pencils will bring a smile to someone who loves The New Yorker or crossword puzzles, and this product supports workers in the “paper picking trade.”

  • Sustainability: Made using recycled materials in Pakistan, sold from Canada 

Shop this ethical corporate gift here.

#9 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – Non-Toxic Eco-friendly Gift Box || $50

I’ll be honest, most corporate gift boxes are full of sub-standard products with cheesy, terrible and cheap packaging. I spent quite a bit of time finding a gift box that is elegant and simple – one that I think will cause the recipient to smile in delight upon opening.

  • Sustainability:  100% natural and non-toxic

Stone House Soaps has an incredible amount of sustainability info on the product page, breaking down the components of different packaging materials and other sustainable practices. It would be a bit redundant for me to paste it all here, so be sure to read the full product description.

Purchase this eco-friendly business gift here

Sustainable Corporate Gifts Under $100

Below, I’ve shared a number of sustainable corporate gifts that are under $100 USD. 

#10 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – Mini Porcelain Vases || $22 each

First up on the list of sustainable corporate gifts, we have a set of mini porcelain vases from Middle Kingdom. I know that giving live plants can be stressful, but many people do love having some greenery in their office. These vases are great gifts for someone who loves houseplants (or office plants!), but has a hard time keeping them alive.

  • Sustainability:  Handcrafted by artisans in Jingdezhen, China. This city is renowned for its kiln industry and traditions. Middle Kingdom pays all their artisans well-above-average salaries for their craft. 

Finally, Middle Kingdom is both a women-owned and POC owned company.

Check out this corporate gift here.

#11 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – On the Go Cork Crossbody
|| $85

This corporate gift isn’t a fit for every industry, but I can definitely see this cork bag from Tiridia Cork being a thoughtful gift for a business associate on the go.

  • Sustainability:  Made with sustainable cork fabric in Aveiro, Portugal.

From the brand: “Made from vegan, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof, lightweight, durable, biodegradable and recyclable natural cork. This bag features and exterior pocket for easy access, a zipped interior pocket for valuable, and an open interior pocket for quick grab items.”

Get this sustainable $100 corporate gift here.

#12 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – Champagne Flutes || $70

When working on a long term business deal or agreement, it is sometimes customary to have a toast to the partnership. Sustainably-made champagne flutes are perfect for this occasion, and they also make a great new year corporate gift for clients and customers.

  • Sustainability: Made by artisans in Colombia, with locally sourced materials

Purchase this sustainable corporate gift for less than $100 here.

#13 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – Two Bottle Tote Bag || $70

If champagne flutes feel like a bit much, but you still want a celebratory gift, then you must look into this two bottle tote bag from Aplat. At first I was confused by the thought of two bottles in one bag, but Aplat has sewn in an interior sleeve or divider for a bit of extra protection. This is a perfect gift for an eco-minded client who also loves wine!

  • Sustainability: Made from 100% organic cotton, as well as using zero-waste manufacturing practices

Snag this sustainable corporate gift for under $100 here.

Sustainable Corporate Gifts Under $200

Below, I’ve shared a few sustainable corporate gifts that are under $200 USD. 

#14 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – Paper Moon Desk Lamp || $135

When purchasing higher priced corporate gifts, it is important to be thoughtful. Business professionals who are receiving more expensive corporate gifts often receive quite a lot of gifts, and standing out can be a bit more difficult.

After combing through pages and pages of corporate gifts under $200, I feel that this paper moon desk lamp from Ameico is a gift that will stand out. Its understated aesthetic is lovely, and is a thoughtful gift for someone who often “burns the midnight oil,” who also has a keen sense for aesthetics.

  • Sustainability:  Handcrafted in Japan

Select this sustainable corporate gift here.

#15 Sustainable Corporate Gifts – Ethical Business Backpack || $180

Something that often doesn’t get much consideration in corporate gifting circles is luggage and backpacks. Many corporate professionals get free swag – with a company’s logo all over it – but they don’t use those bags very often. (Usually, they give them to an intern, family friend, etc, or simply throw them out.)

A thoughtful corporate gift that I think will get you noticed is a premium and high quality business backpack. Work bags are an area of frustration for many– you don’t want to look like you’re on your way to English class, but you also don’t want to look like you’re on you’re way to work at a law firm c. 1985 with a briefcase.

A high quality premium backpack communicates flexibility, as well as an aesthetic sense of professionalism. This bag from Tiradia is at once both traditional and contemporary.

  • Sustainability:  Made from cork in Portugal

Procure this sustainable corporate gift here.

This post was all about sustainable corporate gifts.

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