7+ Best Eco Friendly Cat Toys for Your Feline Friend

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Looking for the best eco friendly cat toys that will entertain your furry friend without polluting the planet?

You’re in luck, because we tested a whole bunch of toys with our resident cats to give you this comprehensive guide to sustainable cat toys.

What’s Wrong With Conventional Cat Toys?

Unfortunately, many cat toys are made with cheap plastic and other yucky, non-biodegradable materials (that might even be bad for your cat!)

These conventional cat toys don’t last long, get literally chewed up, and are eventually thrown in the trash. They may end up in a landfill where plastic parts can persist in the environment for years to come.

Plastic Cat Toys Gone Wrong- Floppy Fish Fail

For example, cat-owners will remember the as-seen-on-TV Floppy Fish™ toy that was all the rage last year. This battery-operated plushy fish was stuffed with catnip and mechanically flopped around like a fish-out-of-water.

I had to have my two cats try it.

As the known cat-lover I am, unfortunately a number of my friends and family ALSO bought me the dang Floppy Fish.

And the worst part? It didn’t work.

It was a piece of crap with plastic parts that had to be thrown away. All three floppy fishes I was gifted also had to be thrown away!

I swore to myself I will only use eco friendly cat toys from there on out!

This post is all about eco friendly cat toys. Let’s get into it!

Best Eco Friendly Cat Toys

1) From The Field Deluxe Purrfect Gift Kit Cat Toy and Catnip

Ya’ll, I love this company From the Field, so you’re about to see a lot of them on this list. From the Field makes environmentally-friendly pet products and specializes in catnip, which they grown organically in Washington state.

Let me tell you, my cats go absolutely nuts for their potent products.

I recommend this gift kit as a good eco friendly cat toy starter pack. It’s also great if you’ve just brought home a new cat or want to gift to a cat lover in your life!

This sustainable cat toy gift set includes two refillable hemp-cloth mice stuffed with catnip, an all-natural cork bouncy ball, catnip essential oil spray, and back-up catnip.

What’s nice about the catnip mice in particular is that they are refillable, so once the catnip inside is spent, you can open the pouch and refill with fresh catnip. This ensures your cat toy has a nice long life and your cats never lose interest!

Everything in this gift kit is all-natural, biodegradable, good for your kitties and the planet!

2) Get Creative with Catnip and Buy in Bulk

While we’re talking about catnip, why not just buy the good stuff straight-up?

Catnip, or Nepeta cataria for you botany nerds, is actually a common perennial of the mint family.

Catnip contains a chemical called nepetalactone that is similar to cat pheromones, making it very stimulating to your feline friend. It may make them act wild for a bit, but it’s actually quite healthy and soothing for them!

Try buying catnip in bulk to refill eco friendly cat toys (as shown above), make your own cat nips toys, or simply stuff an old sock or something similar and watch your cat go to town!

3) Grow Your Own Catnip

If you have a green thumb (or even if you don’t, honestly) try growing catnip yourself!

It’s super easy to grow, and very low maintenance. If you know anything about similar plants from the mint family, you know that they can grow like weeds (because they are!)

I grow catnip in small pots and keep it outside in the warmer weather. In the winter, I bring the plants in and place in a high place where my cats don’t have constant access to it.

When the cats are ready for a treat, I put the potted catnip on the ground and let them graze! It’s really funny to watch and so healthy for your kitty!

4) Silver Vine Sticks

More potent but with a similar stimulating effect, silver vine sticks are a great option for cats that do not react to catnip.

Silver vine, or Actinidia polygama, is a non-toxic plant that is basically the catnip of Asia. (It’s just more intense!)

The vine sticks make a great toy to throw around with your furry friend. You might even be able to teach them fetch!

As an added bonus, chewing on the bark exfoliates cat teeth, keeping them gums and teeth healthy and clean!

5) Cat Grass

While we’re on the topic of growing things, another cat-friendly plant you can easily grow yourself is cat grass.

What is commonly known as cat grass is really just grass typically grown from rye, barley, oat or wheat seeds.

Grazing on grass is normal cat behavior, although we don’t quite fully understand why they do it yet.

Nibbling on cat grass is thought to be good for their digestion.

Luckily for you, cat grass is insanely fast and easy to grow. Just spread a generous blanketing of seeds in a soil-filled pot, cover with a 1/4 inch of potting soil and watch the grass grow!

Cat grass is particularly great because it will continuously grow, even after your cat has taken a few bites (or more!)

6) All-Natural Feather and Cork Cat Toy

This feather cat toy is a classic reimagined the sustainable way.

This eco friendly cat toy is handmade in the USA with all-natural cork and dye-free feathers.

The toy is interactive, so you and your cat can have some serious bonding time together. Interactive toys tell your cat you are a trusted friend!

7) Bae The Hemp Body Pillow Cat Toy

It’s like a body pillow, for your cat?!

This one-foot tall pillow is filled with catnip, silver vine, and valerian root to stimulate and soothe your furry friend.

The pillow’s substantial size gives your cat the satisfaction of hunting real prey, but don’t be surprised if your cat also snuggles up with it!

This eco friendly cat toy is handmade in USA with durable and sustainably-sourced hemp fabric.

This post was all about eco friendly cat toys.

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