21 Best Eco Friendly Gifts for Women for Any Occasion

Shop the best eco friendly gifts for women that are sure to impress.

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Looking for the best eco friendly gifts for women? These are the tested and approved gift ideas for the woman in your life who loves Mother Earth.

When you’re shopping for a woman in your life that is committed to sustainability (may that woman is you!) it can be difficult to find items that pass the test.

There are tons of things to consider when shopping for eco-friendly gifts. Are the materials organic or biodegradable? Is the piece going to last a long time? Is the marketing of this item just greenwashing?

(Maybe you don’t even know what I’m talking about and just want me to get the gift ideas!)

There is also the assumption that eco friendly means more expensive. This is not always the case! (Although better materials do tend to cost more, thanks capitalism.) We’ve scoured the internet for gifts at every price point.

Luckily, you don’t need to sort this all out yourself. We’ve pulled together our favorite eco friendly gifts for women, that will be sure to have her exclaim, “How did you know?!”

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Gifts Under $50Gifts Over $100

Eco Friendly Gifts for Women Under $25

Beeswax Candles

Candles are a crowd-pleaser gift. Unfortunately, most traditional candles are made with paraffin wax, which can release harmful chemicals as they are burned. Beeswax is one of the safest materials for burning and it naturally smells amazing.

These beeswax candles from Big Dipper Wax have essential oil added scents for a spa-like experience. Reuse the glass containers.

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Colorful Mini Porcelain Vase

eco friendly gifts 2020

These mini vases by Middle Kingdom come in the most stunning colors they don’t even need any flowers. They would be such a cute pop of color on any desk or work station. Plus, Middle Kingdom is woman and POC-owned.

Buy from MadeTrade

Loose Leaf Teapot with Strainer

Forget the tea bags that come in plastic, a loose leaf teapot strainer will ensure she can enjoy a hot cuppa without the waste! Pair this tea strainer with a bag of her favorite loose leaf tea for the perfect gift.

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Ritual + Fancy Soy Wax Candle

eco friendly gifts online

Each of these soy wax candles by Ritual + Fancy is like its own piece of art with unique floral designs. They come in evocative scents like Rainwater and Warm Sugar Fig.

Buy from MadeTrade

Pochette Zero Waste Sandwich Bag

sustainable gifts for girlfriend

This 100% organic cotton sandwich bag is the chicest sandwich bag on the block (and I didn’t even know that sandwich bags could be chic!) This would be a perfect gift for the commuter in your life you eats on the go.

Buy from MadeTrade

Bee’s Wrap

This reusable food storage paper is an easy sustainable swap for plastic wrap. Bee’s Wrap is plastic free and made with organic cotton that has been lined with sustainably harvested beeswrap so nothing sticks!

Plus, Bee’s Wrap woman owned company in Vermont. We love women supporting women!

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Bamboo Travel Utensils

A perfect gift for a coworker that laments having to use the plastic utensils in the cafeteria, this travel utensil set ensures you’ll never have to use a single-use fork again. This set is handy for work, picnics, hiking and beyond!

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Eco Friendly Gifts for Women Under $50

Undaria Algae Body Oil

best eco friendly gifts

To be fair, the name of this body oil makes it sound kind of gross. Trust me though, this luxurious oil is worth it’s cult classic status and smells insanely good. This oil will have any woman feeling like a queen the minute she steps out of the shower.

Buy from Osea Malibu

Salt Lamp

Besides being a hippy girl staple, salt lamps are great for winding down at night. They emit a campfire-like glow that is easy on the eyes and help you get to sleep. Pair this salt lamp with a good book, and your gift will make for a cozy night in.

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Foria The “Me Time” Trio Bath Salts

unique eco friendly gifts

These epsom bath salts are infused with organically-grown, stress-relieving CBD, herbs and essential oils for the most relaxing bath time she’s ever had.

Buy from Foria

Essential Oil Diffuser

Most women can attest, the scent of someone’s home really sets the ~vibe~. Citrusy scents can enliven a space, while lavender sets the tone for bedtime. Give her the gift of aromatherapy with this classy essential oil diffuser that will blend seamlessly into even minimalist decor.

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Vintage Deco Martini Glasses

eco friendly gifts amazon

These vintage martini glasses add intrigue to any cocktail hour. Remember, shopping vintage or thift is a super sustainable option for gift-giving!

Buy from Etsy

Chemex Drip Coffee Maker

Say goodbye to wasteful coffee pods forever, because not only in the Chemex sleek and beautiful on a countertop, it makes dang good coffee. Pair this with some locally roasted beans and a reusable coffee filter, and you’ve got a perfect gift for a coffee lover.

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Double Basket Plant Hanger in Cream

eco friendly gift sets

I would venture a guess and say the eco-friendly gal in your life may also be a plant-lover. This double basket plant hanger is handwoven in Indonesia and sold by POC-owned company CEREMONIA.

Buy from MadeTrade

Eco Friendly Gifts for Women Under $100

Eucalyptus Jogger Pants in Rose

sustainable gifts ideas

Everywoman loves a matching cozy set of sweats (so on trend these days!) Luckily, these joggers are made mostly with the sustainable fibers of eucalyptus trees, which is a fast growing tree and easily renewable. Plus, these pants are super comfy AND they have pockets!

Buy from MadeTrade

Reusable Water Bottle

This reusable water bottle is sure to keep your woman hydrated, as it hold a gallon of water! Skip the plastic water bottles and get your daily eight glasses in more with this gigantic water bottle that comes with a straw.

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Sushmita Color Blocked Merino Scarf

environmentally friendly gifts

These 100% merino wools scarves are ethically handwoven on traditional looms in India without the use of any fossil fuels. These beautiful scarves come in three colorways, but my favorite is the Burnt Siena.

Buy from MadeTrade

Picnic Backpack with Cooler, Insulated Wine Holder and Blanket

A perfect gift for a significant other, this backpack comes equipped with everything you might need for a romantic picnic on the go. Pack your favorite bottle of wine in insulated bottle holder (we love natural and biodynamic!) and you’re good to go!

This pack comes complete with wine glasses, plates, bottle opener, knife, mini cheese board and blanket.

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Women’s Classic Low Back Wool Slippers

practical gift ideas for women

Buy from MadeTrade

These cozy slippers are handcrafted using an ancient felted wool technique that is also super sustainable. These slippers make for the perfect cozy gift any time, but especially for the holiday season!

Vinyl Record Song Lyrics Linen Print

sustainable gift wrapping

This customizable print would made a perfect gift for your significant other. Have ~your song~ printed on linen (one of the most sustainable fabrics) and framed in reclaimed barn wood.

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Zero Waste Toiletries Gift Set with Rose Gold Razor

eco friendly swaps

This beautiful zero waste bathroom gift set come with a rose gold safety razor, linen travel bag, hair conditioner bar, loofah and handmade soap.

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Eco Friendly Gifts for Women Over $100

Hana PomPom Bag

sustainable gifts for women

This bag in ethically handwoven in Ghana using natural and locally-sourced materials. Each bag can take more than a week to make! The woman in your life will feel special owning such a unique and fun bag.

Buy from MadeTrade

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have been all the rage for their anxiety-relieving properties. Luckily, these weighted blankets are made with 100% cotton and sustainably and ethically by women artisans in India.

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Stripe Unisex Robe – Mustard

sustainable gifts for girlfriend

This organic quilted cotton robe is so classy it can be worn as duster out of the house, but it’s just as luxurious cozying up with a good book and coffee at home.

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Wellness Tonic with CBD + Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD

eco friendly gifts 2021

This is a little bit of a naughty gift, perfect for your wife or girlfriend. This gift set comes with an organic oil for the bedroom and a wellness supplement, both formulated with CBD to help ease into the intimacy.

Buy from Foria

Recycled Copper Frying Pan

best sustainable gifts

This 100% recycled copper frying pan is ethically handforged in Mexico and guaranteed to last a lifetime. It will look absolutely stunning displayed in any kitchen and works just as well when put to use.

Buy from MadeTrade

Slash Mirror – Pink

best eco friendly gifts

Slash Objects makes home goods with sustainability in mind, even down to the very details. This mirror is beautiful and built to last, with a gorgeous pink marble base and recycled rubber backing.

Buy from MadeTrade

Dine & Shine Eco-Friendly Dinner Set Gift Box

best ethical gifts

Be ready for date night with this stunning dinner set gift box that includes linen napkins, marble salt bowl, brass candle holders and beautiful pale nude candles, all sustainably handmade in Denmark.

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This post was all about the best eco friendly gifts for women.

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