9+ Sustainable Valentine’s Day Ideas That You’ve Haven’t Done Before

Impress your partner with these sustainable Valentine's Day ideas that will blow their mind and won't end up in a landfill.

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Looking for sustainable Valentine’s Day ideas to impress your partner on February 14? These eco-friendly ideas for the night of will make this romantic night extra special.

According to Waste360, Americans exchange 36 million heart-shaped boxes, 198 million roses, and 180 greeting cards on February 14 every year.

Of course, most of these greeting cards, trinkets, and plastic containers end up in a landfill.

Beyond that, these Valentine’s Day gifts are boring and played out!

What Do You Mean by Sustainable Valentine’s Day Ideas?

Instead of buying meaningless gifts (if you are looking for the perfect sustainable Valentine’s Day gift to complement your Valentine’s Day plans, click here) I like to create special experiences for my partner on Valentine’s Day.

Research shows that gifted experiences tend to make people happier than physical gifts, as they create memories and moments for deep connection.

They also happen to be better for the environment and much less expensive!

Read on for some of my favorite eco-friendly Valentine’s day ideas to surprise and impress your partner come February 14.

Warning! Some of these will get a little sexy. These ideas are meant for romantic partners, but feel free to draw inspiration how you see fit.

This post is all about sustainable Valentine’s Day ideas.

Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

1) Draw a Bath

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is usually on a weekday and not a holiday that people tend to have off.

Getting into a romantic mood can be difficult after coming home from a long day at the office (including the work-from-home office!)

Help your partner make the transition by drawing them an extra-special warm bath. This can include dried flower petals, candles, bubbles (both bubbly soap or champagne!)

My ideal bath would include my favorite bath bomb and a glass of wine (which I can rest on a classy teak board!)

2) Treat Them to a Foot Bath

If bath time isn’t your partner’s thing, try treating them to a foot bath instead.

I find that even the staunchest bath-haters can enjoy the relaxing benefits of a foot bath! It’s basically like a mini spa experience, and you can do it while reading or sitting in front of the TV.

You’ll need a tub to fill with hot water and some epsom salts for maximum relaxation.

Epsom salts contain magnesium, which is known to ease muscle soreness and stress. A foot bath with epsom salts are especially good for someone who is on their feet all day!

3) Give Them a Massage

Giving a massage is a great tool in your tool belt of connection–for use anytime, not just on Valentine’s Day! I seriously love both giving and receiving massages. (Can you tell my love language is touch?)

Set aside a good amount of time (at least 10 minutes!) and focus on areas of concern. Many people hold tension in their neck and shoulders, so this is always a great place to focus.

You can use almost any oil you have lying around the house to keep things slippy and comfortable (my favorite is jojoba oil.)

However, if you want to kick it up a notch and anticipate things getting spicy, check out the All Night Long Kit from Foria.

This gift set comes with a full-size bottle of Awaken Arousal Oil (with stimulating ginger), Intimacy Bath Salts, along with some other tantalizing goodies.

4) Spice it Up With Tattoos

Okay, this one is definitely sexy!

Try surprising your partner with a completely different look for Valentine’s Day night. This can be full-on role play or just stepping into a new persona using a few fun visual cues.

For example, try applying a bunch of temporary tattoos (if you don’t have any) and thick black eyeliner for rocker Suicide Girls look. Try playing with something more innocent or feminine if you tend to swing the other way. Have fun with it!

5) Make a Specialty Cocktail from Your Travels

Have you and your partner ever enjoyed a cocktail while traveling that you’ve been dying to recreate at home but just never found the time? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to recreate that magic of travel via the art of the cocktail!

Whether it was a sazerac in New Orleans or a piña colada in San Juan, take the time to surprise your partner with a special drink at home.

I love America’s Test Kitchen How to Cocktail book for specific instructions on how to make most classic cocktails enjoyed around the world.

6) Make Their Favorite Meal or Treat

Have you ever seen the Bon Appetit show Gourmet Makes with Claire Saffitz? Basically, the host tries to recreate common supermarket treats (like Reese Peanut Butter cups or Pizza Rolls) using gourmet ingredients.

Similarly, you can try recreating a favorite supermarket treat, or a special dish you enjoy out at a restaurant at home.

For example, my partner loves Pop Tarts and I have been meaning to attempt a homemade version for years. Maybe this blog post will finally get my butt in gear!

7) Make Them a Gratitude Jar

My friend did this for her boyfriend once, and I think it’s just the cutest idea–especially for Valentine’s Day!

Start by writing down things about your partner you love on little scraps of paper.

If you’re feeling really ambitious (and grateful for your partner!) challenge yourself to come up with 365 things you appreciate about your partner so you have 365 (!) little scraps of paper.

(The paper scraps should be about fortune cookie size, so they don’t take up a ton of room.)

Stuff the paper scraps in a mason jar or other cute container.

Have your partner pull a piece of paper out each day and read something nice about them that you love. Instant love fest!

Plus, the science of gratitude tells us that just the act of brainstorming things you love about your partner can make you yourself happier. Win-win!

If you wrote down 365 things, you can keep this going for a whole year, but obviously do what is feasible for you.

8) Donate to Their Favorite Charity

Personally, this is my favorite Valentin’s Day tradition that my partner and I keep returning to year after year.

Valentine’s Day can feel like such an indulgent and consumerist holiday, it can be refreshing to celebrate by thinking outside the relationship.

Instead, celebrate by donating to your partner’s favorite charity.

Your partner gets to feel seen and celebrated by you noticing their values, and you both have made the world a better place with your dollars.

9) Make Them a Playlist

Creating your crush a killer playlist is kind of a lost art in the internet age, but you can approximate the magic with your Spotify account.

For bonus points, create them a playlist of songs they haven’t heard but remind you of them, or songs that have been meaningful at different points in your relationship.

Honestly, the creative potential is endless!

Share your playlist with them via Spotify or other streaming app. (Or if your real old school make them a CD or tape! GASP! Although, in retrospect that is probably not the most sustainable option.)

This post was all about sustainable Valentine’s Day ideas.

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