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Looking for the best drip irrigation timer for your hands-off watering system? These are the tried-and-true best hose end timers for all types of gardeners.

I was a few years into my gardening journey before I discovered drip irrigation. (Learn how to copy my DIY drip irrigation system!)

Before drip irrigation, I was spending up to an hour every morning watering my raised garden beds.

Now, I can happily sleep in and let my drip irrigation system take care of the watering.

And the best part is I don’t even have to get up to turn the thing on, thanks to the pre-programmable drip irrigation timer.

These are my favorite drip irrigation timers that I’ve tried and tested throughout the years that should suit most types of gardeners, from the beginners to the super techy.

This post is about the best drip irrigation timer.

What is Drip Irrigation?

This is my DIY drip irrigation setup in my raised bed gardens.

Drip irrigation brings water from the hose outlet directly to the base of your plants via a system of tubing and emitters.

Not only does drip irrigation save you time by replacing hand-watering, but it’s actually better for your garden and the planet. Drip irrigation delivers water to the base of you plants where they actually need it, allowing the leaves to remain dry and reducing risk of mildew and disease.

Additionally, drip irrigation saves water. Think of all the water wasted via hand-watering and sprinkler system by evaporation or simple misfire. You can rest-assured virtually all the water delivered via drip irrigation is being utilized by your plants.

What is a Drip Irrigation Timer?

The drip irrigation timer is the lynchpin of the drip irrigation system.

The drip irrigation timer (AKA a hose end timer or water timer) is essential a digital clock that is programmed to release water from your hose tap at certain times of the day.

Drip irrigation timers range in sophistication, from simple gadgets with LED displays, to more advanced timers that come with a corresponding mobile app.

Where Does the Drip Irrigation Timer Go?

This is the head assembly of my drip irrigation system. You’ll see the water timer is the first gadget attached to the hose outlet.

The whole drip irrigation system begins at the hose tap. This is where the water will leave your municipal water system or private well and make its way to your garden.

The drip irrigation timer will go at the head of your drip irrigation system by your hose outlet. In fact, the water timer is the first attachment to the hose bib.

Best Drip Irrigation Timer Reviews

Best Drip Irrigation Timer

DIG, B09D 3/4” Single Outlet Hose End Programmable Timer for Home Gardens and patios ($41.99)

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  • 3/4” FHT inlet and MHT outlet outdoor faucet connections
  • Weekly watering frequency on any day of the week, four start times per day and durations from 1 minute to 12 hours and 59 minutes in minute increments
  • Easy manual operations using Start and Stop buttons.
  • Easy programming using six buttons and a large LCD display

My favorite tried-and-true drip irrigation timer is the DIG Outlet Hose End Programmable Timer. It has a longer run time of 12 hours and 59 minutes and up to four start times per day.

It’s extremely intuitive to use and easy to set up. Simply program the days and times throughout the week you want the timer to turn on the water and screw on to your hose outlet.

Plus, you can easily turn on and off the programming with the simple click of a button. For example, you might want to pause the pre-programmed waterings if you have a few days of thunderstorms in the forecast.

Finally, its protective cover protect the display from the elements. (Several customers noted the hot sun can damage others’ LCD displays.)

Best Wifi Hose Timer

Orbit 21004 B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer with Wi-Fi Hub, Compatible with Alexa,Gray
  • EFFORTLESS AUTOMATIC WATERING – Keep your plants healthy and vibrant with our water timer for garden hose. It delivers precise, timed watering so you can relax while your garden thrives.
  • NEVER WORRY ABOUT PLANT CARE AGAIN – Our garden hose timer ensures reliable auto watering for plants. Set it up once and forget it, as it consistently provides the right amount of water for your plants.
  • WATER YOUR PLANTS WHILE AWAY – Travel with peace of mind knowing our water timer will water your plants while you’re gone. It’s the perfect solution to maintain a lush garden even when you’re not around.
  • CONVENIENT GARDEN MAINTENANCE – Our outdoor wifi timer makes it easy to control your watering schedule from anywhere. Simply connect to your home network and adjust settings using our user-friendly app.
  • NO MORE OVERWATERING OR UNDERWATERING – With our garden hose timer, you can achieve optimal watering levels for your plants. Say goodbye to wasted water and hello to a healthy, thriving garden.

I wanted to offer a hose end timer option for my more tech-y gardeners.

This drip irrigation timer allows you to set the watering schedule on the user-friendly B-Hyvve app while connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Best of all, the “smart watering” feature automatically adjusts your watering based on site conditions, including slope, soil type, sun/shade, and live weather feeds–delivering the exact amount of water your plants need.

Best Water Timer With Full Drip Irrigation System

Rain Bird 1ZEHTMR Professional Grade Electronic Digital Hose End Timer/Controller, One Zone/Station, Battery Operated

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  • Simple-to-set automatic programming, 7-day scheduling
  • Extra-large dial and readout screen provide easy set-up and review of watering schedules
  • One-touch override buttons for “Cancel Watering” (doubles as up to 96-hour rain delay) and “Water Now” (manual watering)

For folks that don’t want to go the DIY drip irrigation system route, I wanted to offer my favorite water timer that is part of a comprehensive system. This drip irrigation system from Rain Bird comes with all the parts–all you need to do is assemble!

The Rain Bird 1ZEHTMR Hose-End Timer is sold separately, but is guaranteed to work with the complete Rain Bird system.

This timer is easy and intuitive to use, proving a maximum run time of 6-hours with up to two starts times per day.

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This post was about the best drip irrigation timer.

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