15 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts That They’ll Actually Use

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Looking for sustainable housewarming gifts for that special person that just moved into a new place? These gifts will help them get settled into their new home, and just happen to be eco-friendly!

Here at PunkMed, I really want you to be able to find a more sustainable gift for every occasion so we just had to cover housewarming gifts!

In my experience, housewarming gifts tend to be last-minute, picked-up-at-the-grocery-store type deals. As such, they may not be something the recipient even wants or needs–so they end up in the garbage! (Yeah, not super sustainable!)

When putting together this list of best housewarming gifts, I thought back to a time when I just moved into my apartment and what I may have needed at the time but wouldn’t necessarily have thought of first. This includes fun things like decorations, fancier kitchen gear, and serving ware!

With that the first priority, I then set out to find sustainable options of those housewarming gift ideas. As always, my team and I judge gifts on their sustainability in terms of materials, impact on the Earth, and longevity.

However, we are a small team and can’t do it all, so if you are looking for more information on the product’s sustainability, look on the manufacturer’s website!

Alright, happy shopping for housewarming gifts people actually use!

This post is all about sustainable housewarming gifts.

Hey there! I’m Leslie, Founder of PunkMed

My name is Leslie, and I’m the founder of PunkMed! On my blog, I and my team share my info, experiences, and recommendations in the area of sustainability (including sustainable gift guides!), urban homesteading, and outdoor living. Our goal is to make it less overwhelming for readers to live an adventurous and sustainable life!

And, as someone who is a sustainability content creator (my Tiktok is HERE), I putting together gift guides for my readers. I put together this list of thoughtful housewarming gifts, and I based it heavily on what *I* would like to receive as a gift back when I just moved into my apartment! That said, I haven’t tried EVERY gift on this list (that would be… a lot of stuff!), so please make sure to do your own research before purchasing!

Let’s get into it!

Hi there! I’m Leslie (she/her.) I hope you find the perfect housewarming gift on the blog today.

#1 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Recycled Glass Champagne Flutes

These champagne flutes have a funky silhouette and wavy detailing to keep the party going. Made from recycled glass, these champagne flutes make wonderful sustainable housewarming gifts!

Due to the handmade quality no two glasses are the same, and can vary in detailing, color, and size up to two inches. These flutes come in a set of four, and are hand-crafted in Bogota, columbia.

We recommend you hand wash these glasses to maintain their quality over time, and these flutes should be handled carefully.

#2 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Custom Doormat

Need a housewarming gift in a hurry? While other shops make you wait weeks or months to get your order, 48 Hour Monogram will have your doormat order ready to ship out in two business days! 

Custom doormats are a great way to infuse your personality into a new home and nothing quite says ‘welcome to our new home’ like a personalized doormat!

These customizable doormats are made with rubber coated coir, making them one of our favorite green housewarming gifts for sustainable homes!

#3 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Mia Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging

The Mia Macrame Rainbow by Village Thrive is sure to brighten any space. I could honestly see this as a sustainable housewarming gifts, or a gift for a new parent to decorate a nursery!

Each wall hanging is thoughtfully handcrafted by artisans in Bali using traditional heritage techniques passed down for generations.

Plus, Village Thrive is committed to providing their artisans a sustainable income and aspires to create opportunities and lift families out of poverty. 

#4 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Candles from Brennan Candle Co.

Brennan Candle Co. specializes in unique scent blends and a clean, minimalist design that will fit in any home. 

The signature collection features scents that are perfect year-round, and the limited edition collections bring the beauty of each season into a home.

Brennan Candle Co. is a hand poured candle company with clean-burning products made with 100% soy wax, are vegan and cruelty free. Brennan Candle Co. is a woman-owned business based out of Denver, Colorado. These gorgeous candles make perfect eco friendly housewarming gifts.

#5 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Recycled Spanish Wine Decanter

Red wine needs to breathe. This decanter from the brand Newly is perfect for everyday use or used as a pitcher, and makes a beautiful, sustainable housewarming gift for new homeowners. 

All of Newly’s home products consist of 100% recycled materials and shipped in 100% recycled packaging. This process saves 2250 gallons of water, uses no chemicals, and creates nearly zero carbon dioxide. 

Newly also pays living wages to all the artisans who craft their elegant home products.

#6 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Shasta Kitchen Towel Set

An intricate knit draws its inspiration from nature’s beautiful contrasts, like those seen near Mount Shasta. These environmentally friendly towels are sustainable housewarming gifts designed with eco-friendly people in mind.

Shasta pays homage to the classic pin check knitting pattern, using a unique knit that’s durable and absorbent. Salt and pepper stitch creates a knitted grid pattern for a casual, modern look. Twisted yarns make these especially dry to the touch. 

These towels are made exclusively by fair trade and earth-first manufacturers using organic cotton and responsibly sourced linen.

#7 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Blue Stripe Apron

These handwoven aprons from Will and Atlas are perfect for cooking or crafting and make wonderful sustainable housewarming gifts. They stand up to daily use and get softer with each wash.

The Aprons feature vertical stripes and are full size with two deep pockets and wide ties.

Each Will and Atlas product is handwoven in Bangladesh by artisans in remote and rural communities using traditional heritage techniques. All artisans receive fair, living wages and work in safe working environments that adhere to fair trade standards. 

#8 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Geo Porcelain Candlestick Holder Set

These candle holders offer a modern aesthetic to any new home or apartment. Each is hand crafted using non-toxic glazes, making these candlestick holders perfect eco friendly housewarming gifts.

Based in Lakewood, Ohio, ceramicist Lauren creates ceramics influenced by nature, abstract art, and Japanese pottery. Using a slip casting technique to achieve their geometric shapes, Lauren glazes each piece with handcrafted glazes. 

Plus, Lauren HB Studio is a sustainable, women-owned business that provides their employees with a living wage.

#9 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Eco Friendly Housewarming Gift Basket

Looking for something thoughtful for a new home owner? Interested in quality items that are all natural, eco-friendly, toxin free and useful around the house?

These gift box options make for a perfectly thoughtful and sustainable housewarming gift. Boxes include options with a zero-waste dishwashing set that includes a dishwashing bar soap, palm brush, your choice of ceramic ramekin or bamboo soap dish, an 8 ounce soy scented candle, crocheted cotton pot holder, organic goats milk soap, and more. 

Plus, these gift boxes arrive in a decorative white box complete with festive crinkle paper and your own personalized message.

#10 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Personalized Live Edge Wooden Charcuterie Board

Wood has an inherent warmth and inviting quality perfect for gathering and entertaining. These live edge charcuterie boards make luxurious green housewarming gifts.

With a live edge, black walnut wood is exquisitely shaped to focus on the unique grain and natural edge of the board. Finished with mineral oil and a beeswax buff for superior shine, these boards can be used to prepare the spread and to serve your guests. 

As an extra touch, you can personalize your charcuterie board with the recipient’s name to memorialize this exciting milestone!

#11 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Upcycled Tablecloth and Napkin Set.

Shopping for that special someone that loves to entertain and enjoys a good tablescape? Gift premium quality and timeless designs with this upcycled tablecloth and napkin set from Hilana. 

Made in Denizli, Turkey and handwoven by a collective of weavers from surrounding mountain villages, each piece features heritage textile techniques and is composed of 50% regenerated cotton upcycled from clothing manufacturing waste and 50% virgin cotton.

Hilana’s innovative production process is zero-waste and chemical-free, making their products eco-friendly housewarming gifts. They also produce long-staple Turkish cotton fibers without water waste, and use less electricity than creating a new garment.

#12 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Recycled Rubber Coaster Set

These durable recycled rubber coaster sets by Slash Objects are perfectly sustainable housewarming gifts.

Consideration of materials, design process, and product longevity are all elements that drive Slash Objects’ mission. Their breathtaking recycled rubber placemats, storage baskets, and coasters are all made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber, an eco-friendly solution to reducing material waste.

As a bonus, Slash Object makes all their products in Brooklyn, NY with materials sourced from local manufacturers.

#13 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Porcelain Olive Oil Bottle

These modern handmade porcelain olive oil bottles from the Bright Angle are versatile sustainable housewarming gifts. Use them for olive oil, dish soap, syrups, and more. 

The Bight Angle specializes in modern home decor and dishware made with stunning, translucent porcelain intended to last several lifetimes. 

This brand makes all their porcelain mugs, planters, vases, and pots in Asheville, NC with raw, natural materials from the nearby mountains. 

#14 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven, 5.5 qt., Cerise

Trying to find the best sustainable housewarming gift for a new home owner? The Le Creuset Signature dutch Oven is a classic housewarming gift that is built to last. 

The durable enamel is easy-to-clean and resists dulling, staining, chipping and cracking.

This dutch oven is compatible with all cooktops and oven-safe up to 500°F, as well as dishwasher safe.

#15 Sustainable Housewarming Gifts: Stoneware Serving Tray Set

The Oval Stoneware Serving Tray Sets from Convivial are wonderful sustainable housewarming gifts

Each tray set is designed as a statement piece for serving bread, cheese and charcuterie. Each piece is made by hand with Convivial’s proprietary sand clay and finished in their signature ivory glaze. The glaze on the rim of each piece has been removed to allow the warmth of the sand clay to be highlighted.

Founded with sustainable ideals in mind, Convivial strives to create locally made, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible ceramics. 

This post was all about sustainable housewarming gifts.

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