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Today on my blog, I’m sharing 11 vegetable gardening baskets. As an urban farming and homesteading aficionado, I love gathering up vegetables at my home garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

Plus, what better way to show off your harvest than in a beautifully crafted basket? These baskets are functional, but also do well on Instagram!

Finding the right basket can be tricky, so I’ve put together this roundup to help you find the best garden gathering basket.

This blog post is all about where to find vegetable gathering baskets.

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My name is Leslie, and I’m the founder of PunkMed! On my blog, I and my team share my info, experiences, and recommendations in the area of sustainability, urban homesteading, and outdoor living. 

In today’s post, I’m sharing gardening baskets for you to use. Now, as a blogger who focuses on ethical and sustainable practices, I wanted to be sure to clearly communicate that I haven’t personally purchased each of these baskets (that would be way too many baskets in my home and gardening shed)! I’ve put together this roundup so you can find what you need, and my intention is to save ​​you from hours of Googling. No one likes to have 17 tabs open at once.

Let’s get into it!

Hi, I’m Leslie (she/her)! Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope you find the very best vegetable gathering basket for your needs!

Vegetable Gathering Baskets

In the post below, I’ve shared a number of vegetable gardening baskets. Where applicable, I’ve included information on sustainability, doing my best to include a number of small businesses.

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#1 Vegetable Gathering Baskets – Harvest Basket from Red Maple Grove Farms || $54.95

vegetable gathering basket for backyard garden

First up on the list is this gorgeous vegetable gathering basket from Red Maple Grove Farms in Kentucky. This is a sturdy gathering basket that would be perfect for gathering a variety of vegetables or herbs in your garden in the morning. I love how the makers at Red Maple Grove Farms used a natural stick for the handle.

  • Size: 24″ long x 12″ high x 7″ deep

This item has 60 shop reviews, with an average of five stars. 

Shop this vegetable gathering basket here.

#2 Vegetable Gathering Baskets – Personalized Gathering Basket from Pinecone Home || $54.95

Best vegetable gathering basket mde from wood with handle

Next up, we have this vegetable gathering basket from Pinecone Home. This family-owned business is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I love that you can personalize the name on the side with your own family name or motto. I would only get this basket if you are sure you can keep it dry, as it’s made out of wood.

  • Size: 13.5″ long x 9″ wide and 7″ high

See more details for this gathering basket here.

#3 Vegetable Gathering Baskets – Egg Gathering Basket from BarevmoDesign || $34.50

The next home garden gathering basket has a more flat base to gather eggs.  It probably isn’t the best idea to gather eggs and vegetables in the same basket, so I would be thoughtful about what you use your basket for!

TriPeak Goods embeds the wire into the wood, in an effort to prevent the wire from poking out. (Other baskets just have the wire meet the wood.)

  • Size: There are four sizes, from XL to L

Snag this vegetable gathering basket here.

#4 Vegetable Gathering Baskets – Rope Gathering Basket that Flattens || $78

vegetable gathering basket for flowers and wheat

When urban gardening, space is at a premium. Almost every urban gardener I know has a packed shelf in their garage or shed dedicated to gardening tools. 

For this reason, I’ve included this vegetable gathering basket that can be flattened easily, making it easier to store! Some reviewers online hang it on a nail near their backdoor, for easy access to gather produce in the morning.

  • Size: Approximately 24″ in diameter with 9″ handles

Get this gardening foraging basket here.

#5 Vegetable Gathering Baskets – Low Handle Market Basket from Carolyn || $58

vegetable gardening basket - woven basket

This low handle basket is perfect for the farmer’s market or when harvesting vegetables in your own garden. This basket features a smaller gap between the actual basket and handle, so it can rest securely in the nook of your arm. Additionally, this basket is made in the USA, specifically South Carolina.

  • Size: 13″ – 14″ long, 7″ wide and 3″- 4” tall

Shop this vegetable gathering basket here.

#6 Vegetable Gathering Baskets – Mesh Expandable Gardening Foraging Basket || $81

mesh vegetable gathering basket that collapses

This next product is a unique take on a typical vegetable gathering basket. Made by Acropolis Workshop, the basket features woven handles and a mesh bucket (for lack of a better term).

  • Size: 15 Liters

This basket is perfect for mushroom gathering, herbs and other delicate produce that is easily crushed. 

Shop here.

#7 Vegetable Gathering Baskets – Wire Basket for Vegetable and Fruit Gathering

IBERG Metal Wire Basket with Handles Multi-functional Hanging Basket - Solutions for Kitchen, Garden and More (Black)

It’s time to talk more in-depth about wire gardening baskets. This basket can be used for a variety of home functions, including gathering produce and vegetables in your garden. The wire can be easily washed off, saving you cleanup time.

  • Size: 9.65 x 16 x 8 inches

Get this wire basket for vegetables here.

#8 Vegetable Gathering Baskets – Produce Baskets

Jack & Joy Set of 2 Baskets for Produce – Thick Wood Slots and Reinforced Body, Display Fruits and Vegetables or Use in Home Garden, Fold Down Strap for Easy Carrying, Large 11' & Small 9'

If you’re a gardener who also loves a cottagecore aesthetic, then you simply must get one of these apple gathering baskets for your home garden! This basket is made by Jack & Joy, and features “heavy duty construction.” I look at this and think of zucchinis, onions, and other large vegetables being great for this bushel basket.

  • Size: ‎11.65 x 11.65 x 8 inches

Get this heavy duty gardening vegetable basket here.

#9 Vegetable Gathering Baskets – Colander Trug 

Tierra Garden GP184 Colander Trug

This colander trug is genius, and I’m so happy I found it! Acting as both a vegetable gardening basket and a colander, you can easily gather and rinse your vegetables with this basket. The bright color also means you’ll (hopefully) be less likely to misplace it while working outside in your yard.

  • Size: ‎22″ l x 12″ w x 4.75″ H

Get this heavy duty gardening vegetable basket here.

#10 Vegetable Gathering Baskets – Rope Foraging Basket || $60.00

I know I already included a rope foraging basket, but I had to include this colorful option from Loveline Baskets. This foraging basket is made with unbleached cotton rope and other organic threads, making it a more ethical and sustainable option. (Shopping sustainably is a great way to keep unwanted chemicals away from your food!)

  • Size: ‎25″ in diameter with 12″ handles

Get this heavy duty gardening vegetable basket here.

#11 Vegetable Gathering Baskets – Vegetable Trug Basket

Nutley's Rustic Large Willow Vegetable Trug Basket

Finishing up the list, I decided to include a woven traditional trug basket. The description indicates that this gardening basket is made from sustainable sources and is 100% biodegradable, but I couldn’t find additional info on what exactly that means from the maker.

  • Size: 55 cm length by 34 cm width by 16 cm depth

Get this vegetable trug basket for your garden here.

This blog post was all about where to find vegetable gathering baskets.

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